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Posted on Fri Nov 28th, 2014 @ 10:03am by Commander Mercia Kavi


Ok, So I've gotten together with Hawkins, and we decided it was time to push through the mission ending. We are working on that. I'm not going to provide an end date, as I don't know for sure yet.

Please continue on the current big JP, the more we can help distract Elian the better!

After this mission ends we will be returning to Star base 47 where the ship will be put in dry dock for repairs. (Its going to need it!).

While there Captain Hawkins will face the brass about the Phantom Project failure, and will loose command of the Gladiator, and the other project leader, Khelev ch'Koro will be put on administrative leave while whats left of the core is investigated.

I only reveal these things because we want to free every one to begin working on posts and jps for after the mission, and those characters will not be available. The players are still around though, but keep in mind the holiday season is rather busy for a lot of people, I'm still around all the time so if you need either them poked, just let me know. LOL.

The month of December will be a 'Free for all' the ship is docked and being worked on, so every one gets leave. Mercia will still be around, Captain S'Vor will be in command, and Chris will have to let us know whats happening in Engineering for the time being. Your character can take a vacation, go on adventure, hang around and be lame, or... whatever you want!!

Mercia obviously will be available for JPs' at any point!

I've got ideas for just about all of you, if you'd like something to work on! I am ready, willing, and able to help with any of it! I'll NPC any thing you may need.

Lets have a fun fulled holiday season, all posting requirements are suspend until Janurary, although I NEED to know if you're not going to log on! Remember taking a LOA is far better than just not logging on and leaving us to wonder if we lost you!

Write on!



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