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Site update and More

Posted on Sun Dec 28th, 2014 @ 6:51pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator

If you haven't seen yet, with the help of some special people, one being our new TFCO, Major General Iain MacTaryn aka Markus, and Commander Kavi aka Char, we have a new site to mess around with.

It's been a well needed update and perfect time for the new year. Its still needs a couple tweaks here and there but in the end, looks great, smooth and professional. So take the time to check it out and if you have any suggestions to add to the site, please let me know personally.

With the new year coming along, and the new site, there are some more people looking at us. We are expecting to dramatically step up our activity. But that only comes with our new adventures in our stories to come. So prepare for the new Season to start up soon and so if you have questions or are confused as to what is going on or what is expected of ya, let us know, so we can make sure we haven't missed anything.

Finally, on a side note, some may or may not know, but Task Force 47 has had a lot of changes going on. Many new SIMs have opened up for new CO's and positions have also opened up. I have been asked to take a roll of Task Group CO. This places the Gladiator as Task Group - A's Flagship, so many more eyes than before. No worries, just means more possibilities of new friends and writers. But this position is sololy on me and no one else in this SIM. It means I'll be stepping up my own activity on the Gladiator. So no pressure on anyone but me, which I am more then happy to take on. My primary goal is to keep the Gladiator as one of the SIMs out there that are still enjoyable and friendly games of the fleet and of all other SIMs out there. Heads up people, I will be sending out JPs and solos so we can get back into the stories once again.

Thank you all once again and welcome back. Let's see what crazy ideas we can come up with. God Speed and lets make 2015 another enjoyable year!




Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer / STGCO
U.S.S. Gladiator
Task Group 47 - A


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