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Moving on

Posted on Mon Feb 24th, 2014 @ 10:35am by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

A quck update, We have moved on from part 1 of the Photons Everywhere to Part 2. I have closed the first part so here on out all posts after the Meeting with TGCO needs to be set after. If anyone had Posts that were to be before that post, please shoot me a PM and the title of the post so I can add it to the completed mission. Otherwise, great work people, we are active and expect a LOT of things going on.

Also a heads up, we have our primary mission "Photons Everywhere Part 2" running, and expect to have multiple sub-missions going on as well. Anyone will be allowed to work in one or more sub-mission, but they all have their own stories running at the same time to which shouldn't overlap eachother to much. But they aren't a different story line either. In real life, lots of other things happen all at once, and so we are going to do this the same way. If you want to jump in on another mission or sub-mission, inform the command structure and we will try to work you in or bring up the idea and we will try to work it in.

Enjoy and great writing people

Commander David Hawkins
Commanding Officer / SSCO
U.S.S. Gladiator


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