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Touching base

Posted on Sat May 2nd, 2015 @ 6:04am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Happy May dear crew!

I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know we had a fantastic 80 posts last month, as the fleet counts. That is just about double what we had the month before. So a big round of applause!!!

The command team is very excited at the new activity and hopes you are finding this new mission intriguing. Please take a few moments to read the mission synopsis and present your ideas. A mission can change and sway based on the idea of the crew, and that is what makes it fun, so never feel shy to come to us with thoughts and ideas. Keep in mind, we don't always have every detail figured out, we RELY on you to add your own ideas and shape the story! That is especially true for this mission.

Don't forget to vote in the Crew Choice Awards as set up by Lt. Commander Stele. Stele has been a huge help in managing the awards and crew points, so thanks for that. We like to see participation in the voting, it lets us know you're engaged with recognizing the hard work of your fellow players, and we have rules in place to ensure the same person can not win every month! It takes two seconds, so don't forget! This months link is...

The command team is also considering the idea of choosing a post of the month each month, because we want to take every chance to highlight the great work of our crew, and let you know how much we appreciate it!

Please note we are actively recruiting for some high quality players to take on some of our open chief positions, and we welcome your friends to try out! Advise them to take a look at the bios of the command team for examples of what we look for in players. Especially Steles, as she keeps hers the most up to date... (I need to follow that example!). We enjoy the fact we are creative, and open to ideas, and honestly, that is not very common these days.

Very soon in this mission there will be opportunities for you to split off among yourselves, or even go solo for a scene or two, please take those opportunities! If you have questions if your ideas fit, direct the questions to me, as I'm the GM for this particular mission. If you have an idea and want help with NPCing the natives I will certainly help you, or find help for you. I am eager to see your creativity shine on this. One crew member has already done this, and I can't tell you how excited I am at her ideas and the work she's already done with some saved posts she prepped for up and coming scenes! Great job! This is the sort of stuff we look for and we really encourage. Remembers, this is YOUR game, the command team takes care of the paper, and helps you create your own story! That's our jobs, and we love to do it.

So that is my touching base for the month, watch out for any other comments from the command crew, and please know we appreciate and enjoy working with you. Gladiator would not be who she was with out all you zannies!

PS. Check out our Main page, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and! I provided the links right there for ya!



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