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Game winner

Posted on Tue May 26th, 2015 @ 5:56am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey all,

After three months I figured it was time to close out the Canteen Song Title game! Here is the point count!

Hawkins 0
Kavi 9
MacTaryn 0
ch'koro 0
Stele 5
Sverch'tel 2
Caldera 1
Desan 0
Shark 0
Prince 12 (Self imposed disqualified)
Charmignon 10 <--- WINNER!

Congrats Gwen! You're a great addition to this crew, and this is just further proof of it! Congrats!

Any ideas of OOC games we can do for fun let us know! We love these little creative games, with in our game... which is creative... Right. :)

- Kavi


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