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Notes from the Captain

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2015 @ 6:47am by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

Good Day to you all. Tomorrow will be a full week into the first week of June. Everything is progressing at a well pace. With that being said, let us look at our new players before us. In one weekend, we picked up 3 new players... the 3rd player is still working on her final details of her character's bio before joining us as our new Chief of Medical. We have also picked up our new Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Chief of Strategic Operations. So we have fresh blood with our veteran blood. This is a good sign for us and any other sim to be all serious. But let us not forget to get to know these new players and enjoy our postings with them either.

On that note, I would like to start up a JP with anyone that hasn't met the CO or would like to do a JP that is between the Captain and them after this mission. Just hit me up and we can get going.

On a note to our Mission. I would like to see this Mission over in the next couple weeks and for us to have a little down time on the ship before going into the next mission. So keep up the great posting and leading the pact in Task Force 47. We are posting much higher than most. With that being said, I want to see our posting count to hit up there and make us be known through out the fleet that we lead the Task Force with activity and creativity.

Finally, if anyone has any ideas, we are always interested to see what others have in mind. We as the command staff have always requested for the ideas of the crew because this is your sim as much as our sim. If you aren't having fun, let us know so we can do something that is more exciting. I also am requesting ideas for submissions for a team of 3. Remember, the Gladiator has several runabouts and even a Task Group at their disposal. I will be setting up a crew roster for the other ships that we can fly around with and the crew NPCs for some enjoyment. I hope everyone is with me when I say, we are here to have fun and make friends. Have a great day my friends and God Speed!



Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer / STGCO
U.S.S. Gladiator / Task Group 47 - A


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