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Art work

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2015 @ 4:19pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey every one,

This is something I've been considering doing for some time, but just never set up, finally got off my lazy bones and did it!

I love the fact we have crew members that are rather artys fartsy, hopefully less on the fartsy *eyes Hawkins and chKoro*

We can't display every thing, but we want to give our crew members a place to share their artwork for the Gladiator, we may use some of it for advertising, or on the page. I have included the guidelines on this wiki page, the command crew may adjust them, but they are as they are now. I would love to see more work coming from you guys!

I should also note that since we limit the amount of pictures that any one can have for their characters, and some of us *cough* like me *cough* Like to play around with more, you are welcome to have more images of your character on this photobucket, they must still remain with in the guidelines of rating rules.

So check it out!

Also, we have begun building our wiki, any ideas you have of thinks that could be added.. well suggestions are awesome.



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