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I forgot....

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2015 @ 8:36am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hi. me again.

So a member of the crew pointed out that I forgot to introduce another newbie who is making awesome strides with our game!

So... Happy belated welcoming Captain Delvok!

Delvok has already added so much to the story line, and is making himself a very valued member of this crew. That says a lot because the command crew was hesitant to allow a Marine player in to the game as we seem to have the worst luck with them (except Shark of course, who moved down to MXO due to his IRL commitments). he has restored our faith that there are some fantastic players who can play Marines the way they should be played.

Thanks Dan for being a great team player!

Also, Dan was recommended to us by our own Dr Lorix! And if I forgot to introduce her too, I'm sorry, because I'm wondering if I did. Lorix comes with a lot of experience, and due to IRL had to take leave right away, but we are eager for her return and jumping in to the game.

We're happy to have you both with us!

Ok.. did I cover every one? If not, email me and I shall grovel... LOL

The humble forgetful one :P


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