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August Points Update

Posted on Thu Aug 6th, 2015 @ 10:07am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Happy August! Did you miss me last month? Here's the monthly update on point counts.

For our new folks, here's the deal with points. Everyone receives points for each post: JPs are 5 points each, solo posts are 10 points. And there are sometimes special ways to earn points (see the "Canteena" JP). Command also has discretion to award points for exceptional contributions to the sim. Initial points are given based on starting rank according to levels that Command has agreed upon.

Promotions are at the discretion of Command, but meeting the minimum point requirement for a potential promotion is a prerequisite for consideration. When Command feels a player character is ready and eligible for promotion, the player will be contacted and made aware of the opportunity. The player then decides when and how they will have their character promoted In Character.

So that's the summary. Here's where everyone stands with points right as of 7/31/15:

Hawkins: 3077
Kavi: 2602
ch'Koro: 1186
Stele: 1134
Prince: 397
Sverch'tel: 307
Delvok: 215
Hathaway: 175
Charmignon: 145
Nabohn: 105

On Extended Leave:
Caldera: 656
Shark: 375
Lorix: 165

Let me know if you have any questions about points.

Lieutenant Commander Vanora Samsoe Stele
Sometimes-Chief-Ops, Currently-Fugitive


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