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September Points Update & Crew's Choice Award

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2015 @ 4:46am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Happy Autumn! Here's the monthly update.


For our new folks, here's the deal with points. Everyone receives points for each post: JPs are 5 points each, solo posts are 10 points. And there are sometimes special ways to earn points (see the "Canteena" JP). Command also has discretion to award points for exceptional contributions to the sim. Initial points are given based on starting rank according to levels that Command has agreed upon.

Promotions are at the discretion of Command, but meeting the minimum point requirement for a potential promotion is a prerequisite for consideration. When Command feels a player character is ready and eligible for promotion, the player will be contacted and made aware of the opportunity. The player then decides when and how they will have their character promoted In Character.

So that's the summary. Here's where everyone stands with points as of 8/31/15 (points earned in August are in parentheses):

Hawkins: 3117 (+20)
Kavi: 2752 (+80)
ch'Koro: 1246 (+45)
Stele: 1134 (+35)
Caldera: 661 (+5)
Prince: 422 (+20)
Sverch'tel: 357 (+50)
Delvok: 280 (+65)
Hathaway: 195 (+20)
Lorix: 185 (+20)
Charmignon: 160 (+15)
Nabohn: 125 (+20)

On Extended Leave:
Shark: 375

Let me know if you have any questions about points.


It's time to vote for the August Crew's Choice Awards!

Last month we had a record number of players who voted. Awesome! Let's make it two months in a row with high turnout.

In the decades of simming, the Crew's Choice Award has always been a place where the best writers and most helpful contributors to a sim are recognized by their fellow crewmates. So please don't forget to vote! A voting link will be sent out to all players via email.

Players who wrote in the month of August are eligible, except for players who won the previous month.

7 days of voting; polls close September 10.

Lieutenant Commander Vanora Samsoe Stele
Sometimes-Chief-Ops, Currently-Fugitive


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