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Sim Timeline update

Posted on Tue Mar 18th, 2014 @ 9:34am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Heyo Happy Crew!

With all the missions going on we just wanted to ensure you were all up to speed on what is happening in the "Current moment". I want to ensure you all know what is going on, on the ship that your characters can interact with, I can't be the only one having loads of fun here!

The away team has returned from the SS Wasp and the Investigation is underway

The Durrighash have met with Commander Hawkins and are receiving a tour of the ship, if you'd like to interact with them at this point you are welcome to contact Coi. If it doesn't make sense for your character at this point in time worry not, there will be another chance the following day.

Last but not least the Crazy plants! You can begin encountering the plant growing on the ship, for this mission day, keep the growth encounters as close to the science department as possible (on the floors and areas surrounding it certainly). Please by the end of your post enact a quarantine field, and report the siting, and any thing you tried to remove the planet to the Science Department. Namely to Lt. Hoss.

Start thinking of more crazy encounters with the plant as the following day it will be every where despite the quarantine fields. Be ready for twists!!

As always, we welcome any questions and mission/subplot ideas. Me and Paul really appreciate how involved this crew has been, and the additions of subplots and twists, really you guys are SO much fun!!! You're what makes this game awesome! This is all our game, Paul just does the paper work...

Don't forget about the forums! A lot of important things will come out on the forums as time goes on, we really encourage you to sign up and join in!

Lt Mercia Kavi


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