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Department Head Requirements

Posted on Sat Feb 20th, 2016 @ 8:18pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

Every game will have players who can participate at various levels, but for the health of every game, we must ensure that the chief positions are occupied by players who can consistently participate to a certain level. As such, we, the command crew, have elected to set some guidelines regarding things. Following does not effect most players due to the fact that most players have always kept the following anyway. But this is to more effectively help us all select the best people free to assist with the primary story lines at hand. If any of this bothers anyone, please don't hesitate to PM the command staff for additional thoughts.

To remain in a chief position each chief player must be able to produce a minimum 20 points per month. Which is equivalent to 2 solo posts, or 4 JPs. Remember this means PUBLISHED posts. Saved posts will not be considered at the end of month review. The command crew has a preference of 35-50 points, but the minimum to not be under review is 20 points. These points are reviewed on a monthly basis.

Within that 20 points at least half must be mission related.
IE. 1 solo post, or 2 JPs must be related to the mission, AND specifically to your department, to count.

This means that we will not consider a Senior Staff Meeting briefing post as sufficient enough, as it is yes mission related, but not specific department related.

These requirements are in place due to the fact we have several department with players who meet the minimums, but NEVER participate in the missions, and has caused their department to be useless to the game, for mission after mission, and this can no longer happen. We absolutely love the high amounts of character development in this game, it is one of the many joys, but we have missions to accomplish as well and need to set a balance expectation.

If you are a department head and have staff under you, you are required to publish at least one post a month in which you interact with that staff member. If you have two staff members and accomplish this in a single JP with all three of you, that is sufficient.

(The point is to require frequent inclusion of the non cheif players. Preference for this interaction is misson relation, but not a requirement, however, We will take notice if your staff members never participate in the mission, it will be you we speak with about it, not them. You are their chief and leader, and your responsibility to include them in the mission.)

If you have staff members you must ensure they have the ability to participate in each mission in some manner or form. IE: if you are in the medical department and there is a medical away team, your staff can come with you, or be the liaison with sickbay, or help in the recovery after the away team returns… etc… however you and your staff choose to make it happen, but as chief of the department you are responsible for ensuring their opportunity. While the command staff is happy to assist if is the chief of the department's responsibility to ensure this is done.

In truth these requirements are easy to accomplish, especially since several of them overlap each other and can be done in a single published post.

Here is the other side of the coin, but before we get into that I must remind you, communication with a member of the command staff is key. If you need LOA, or your staff members need LOA or are slower than reasonable or are considered ‘casual players’ (We have a couple,) we need just to be informed.

If you are unable to keep up with the above requirements here is the process in which we will determine an issue. Keep in mind REPORTED LOAs will be considered and not counted against the player. With the exception of true IRL emergencies IE: death in the family or hospitalization, notifying us of an LOA after the fact will count against the DH. So we can not accept a “Oh I just felt like taking 10 days off.” If the Player never bothers to send anyone on the command team a quick note letting us know the player needs to take some time off, then we can not work with the player, and it will count against the Player. Please understand this is about both respect among our community, and health of the overall game.

Points will be reviewed monthly, After two consecutive months of not keeping with the minimum point requirements, the command crew will discuss if the player is right for the chief position on if we should consider asking the player to step back to a staff member position. The wellbeing of all our players, and health of the overall game is prime consideration.

Any two months in a four month period will trigger the same discussion.

If, after any disciplinary action has accrued against a player but the Department Head position hasn’t been filled within a two month period, the former DH can demonstrate the interest and capability of keeping up with said minimum requirements, command staff may vote member back into the Department Head position member is requesting.

DH’s who do not at least attempt to include their staff members at the required minimum level will also be placed ‘under review’. Note: It is the attempt we must be able to see, if the staff member player does not participate fast enough the command crew will not hold that against the DH, so long as we can see the staff member was given ample opportunity.

This has been voted on unanimously by the Commanding Officer and Command Staff. This isn’t an easy thing to bring to the table, but with our continued growth and changes throughout our times with different players. We need to make sure that no matter what, we have a consistent and strong leadership from the top (yup myself) all the way down.

So this isn’t focused on one member or several. This is for the health and wellbeing of the SIM and entertainment of all players, both super active to the casual players. Thank you all and have a great day!

~ Signed ~
Command Staff


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