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Personal Letter from the CO

Posted on Wed Apr 6th, 2016 @ 6:36pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

I want to start off with saying that I’m writing this due to the multiple things that have happened in the past weeks and months. It’s not been easy whatsoever. I have looked at Gladiator as a place where its been peace and loving. Where we are friends and family, not just co-writers. It’s always been my goal from day one to make this SIM like no other, and for the longest time, I felt like we achieved just that.

But over the past couple years, I have seen the same negative stabs and criticism as the next sim. The only thing that seems to be different from the outside, is that Gladiator over 2 years running. You don’t hear a lot of sims pulling that off. Well, this SIM is more than just that to me. It’s a community of friends/family to me and this is true for more than myself but others.

This Community has changed people’s lives. The fellowship and fun writing and creativity grows daily and has allowed for people to feel safe to talk and get help when needed. I am one of those people. It is true, I haven’t been as active as I used to. A lot of the in game things that you see have been mostly Marcia Kavi. Well it’s because we have set it up to where that’s just how it worked, just like it would work in real life. The CO handles and deals with the major things, while the XO is always able to jump in and help with lower areas.

Well some people have been bothered with how we run, or leaving people out of major choices. Yes, this sim is your sim as well, and your ideas come into play, but the major things have always been pushed by command, thought through, planned out, and voted on by the Command Staff and myself. This hasn’t changed, we don’t hide this fact, but we don’t always tell everyone the reasoning for everything, why? Because its either not our place to talk about, or we fill that it doesn’t need to be shared to which could cause issues among the whole. It’s not that we don’t think you all can’t handle it; we just don’t want the administrative or political elements bring the entertaining aspect out of people’s writings.

With all this being said, I regret to inform you that the following personal have left just:

Ensign Charity Prince – Stepped down due to Personal Reasons
Major Delvok - Stepped down due to Personal Reasons
Lieutenant Lorix – Stepped down due to RL Issues

I will not go into details as to their reasoning’s. If you are friends with them, keep those friendships. If there is rumors of things going on behind the scenes with this community and you want to ask, ASK US DIRECTLY. I beg you to please ask us, we have nothing to hide. If it is personal, we have the right to say it is personal, but must the time, we are more than happy to explain, cause you all are part of this community. Rumors destroy relationships both professionally and personally, so please talk to us. I promise you I have no problem opening up because this is how we have always been, open door and happy to share with you all.

A special thinks go out to Kevin, our awards guy and points guy. Great writer and friend. Alex, who is now been added to the command staff, Congratulations by the way, her active ideas, and excitement goes beyond the bounds of just a writer. She has made multiple short videos for the sim and has been around to assist with our story ideas as well. Amazing work. Next, our tech guy and hard ass, Chris. He may not be as talkative as the rest of us, but he is honestly a great wealth of tech vs RL moments. As we kept this SIM as realistic and interesting as possible. His ideas and tech suggestions have constantly been an uplifting and outstanding moment of learning. And then we have our XO, Mercia Kavi. She has been a great friend, trusted college, and writer through the years. If it wasn’t for her, I would not be doing all this administrative stuff. She has been the voice of the command staff, an active key roll in leading several missions and a great person to bounce ideas off of. Over the years she has been there to make sure to keep us all in line, even when we wanted to break our own rules and snap on people or what not. Lol. If anyone deserves the name of head title on this SIM, its hear. I am here to write reports, and write the sim. Lead stories if I can and just to listen to you, the people.

So in closing. I take no glory. I want no glory because I have nothing but great respect for you all. I express how awesome you all are. How I enjoy writing and exploring our creativity. I look forward to hearing about your guys days and chatting it up with you all. This is a game, this is a community, and this is a family. Ranks and Titles have no ground when it comes to you all. Thank you all and God bless.




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