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March '16 CCA Nominees - Vote Now!

Posted on Fri Apr 15th, 2016 @ 11:37am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele
Edited on Fri Apr 15th, 2016 @ 11:43am


A record number of nominees this month! Below are the players who were nominated by their fellow crew for the March 2016 Crew's Choice Award, as well as a short description of why the player was nominated, in your own words.

Please vote for the player who you believe was the best player (however you interpret that) between March 1 and March 31, 2016. Note that a player may have player-controlled Non-Playing Characters (PNPCs) in addition to their main Playing Character; posts from either PCs or PNPCs are eligible for consideration. Players cannot win in consecutive months.

One vote per player. Poll will remain open for 7 days (closes April 22).


David Hawkins:

The post with Cooper was so intense! He has contributed greatly not only by writing these JPs that keep us on the edge of our seats, but also by keeping in touch with the other players and offering ideas and suggestions to them to help them forward. He has done a lot of hard work with the simm, and what I enjoy watching the most is the passion that he puts into the game. He is the back bone to this boat. His creative ideas and methods have given Gladiator a very unique feel, and it is a community I'm proud to be a part of.

Samuel Phelps
He has been a great addition to the crew. He jumped in with ideas right off the bat that impressed a lot of people. I'm looking forward to see whats next!

Paula Winchester
She has posted quite a lot, and it is always commendable when a player asks other players for help in growing in skill in knowledge.

Paul Alasia
He walked in to the game full of ideas, and that is something I'm eager to pull out of players. I'm excited to see what ideas he will add to our community next!

Mercia Kavi
Commander Kavi has been very enthusiastic this past month, and it is seen by all that her passion continuing to grow as she and the command crew work to tackle anything that comes in their path. Her ability to reach out to others and do everything she can to get them involved is a great inspiration. Writing with her is so much fun because of her energy, and it's interesting to see new ideas pop up and surprise the crew (and where do I begin on the plot twists??), so all I ask is that she keep it up and continue all her hard work.

Taylor Price
Taylor has been a very engaging member of the crew, jumping at opportunities to further develop not only his character, but also his writing style. His skills and dedication have played a role in the missions, and he is a great addition to the melting pot that is the Gladiator crew.

February 2016: M'Gann Sverch'tel
January 2016: Vanora Stele
December 2015: Julian Winterstorm
November 2015: David Hawkins
October 2015: Vanora Stele
September 2015: Lor Lorix
August 2015: Delvok
July 2015: M'Gann Sverch'tel
June 2015: Mercia Kavi
May 2015: M'Gann Sverch'tel
Apr. 2015: Geneviève Charmignon
Mar. 2015: M'Gann Sverch'tel
Feb. 2015: Mercia Kavi
Jan. 2015: Kelly Hathaway
Dec. 2014: Chap Prince
Nov. 2014: Mercia Kavi
Oct. 2014: Khelev ch'Koro
Sep. 2014: David Hawkins
Aug. 2014: (tie) Lizzy Caldera, Mercia Kavi
July 2014: Leo Fox
June 2014: Patrick Shark
May 2014: (tie) Lizzy Caldera, Mercia Kavi
Apr. 2014: Ash Coi
Mar. 2014: Vanora Stele

CCA All-Time Records*:
Kavi: 5
Sverch'tel: 4
Stele: 3
Caldera: 2

*Among Active Players


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