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The academy seeks you!

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2016 @ 5:17am by David Hawkins

Also please forward below message to your crew:

Always wanted to step beyond your role as CO or even as crewmember? Now
is your chance! Why not help train the next generation of writers, help
them expand their knowledge of the role they are about to step into?

The Academy is seeking people who are enthusiastic about the positions
they play and want to help teach specialist courses to those who wish to
expand their knowledge. Have you been a member of Obsidian Fleet for
longer than four months, and are you able to spend some free time each
week in helping to teach? Then contact the academy at: academy at
obsidianfleet dot net and request the application form. (please do not
use the IFS contact form but email directly)

Aside from specialist course instructors we are also seeking commanding
officers who are willing to spend a little time each week to help teach
the command courses. To qualify for command instructor you must have
been a CO for longer than four months and your ship must be operational.

For all instructor positions count that there may not be any active
strikes against you. If you are interested in helping us out, then
please email the academy at the above mentioned address. You will be
required to set up a new character name for your academy account (as
your academy identity should not be openly known to the fleet as it
being you) and your character will not count towards your limit of
characters allowed in the fleet.

Additionally if you are a possible returning instructor we would like to
know who your character was and how much experience you have. Have no
fear, new instructors will not be thrown into the deep end, they will be
mentored during their first teaching round by the dean of the academy
courses, or myself.

Rear Admiral Peter Horn
Academy Commandant
Obsidian Fleet Academy


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