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Congratulations to our new Captain!

Posted on Thu Jun 9th, 2016 @ 1:07am by David Hawkins

Attention to Arms,

This is to recognize the stellar hard work and dedication of our own Executive Officer, Commander Mercia Kavi. She has been with us from the beginning of this SIM and hasn't let up in the least. An A-one person and friend to all that meet her and get to write with her. This sim wouldn't be even exist without her without her even pushing myself and others to bring this sim to life. We could go on and on to but nothing could express how much this SIM would not be here without her and how great of a person she is, both in character and out of character. She is the true back bone to this SIM and has breathed life into this sim on multiple occasions.

So this is the closest we can get to thanking her... So with that being said, The Command Staff and I have unanimously voted. From here on out, Mercia Kavi has been promoted to the rank of Captain, with all the rights and privileges from here on out. So please welcome our newest ranking officer... Captain Mercia Kavi! Congratulations!!!!

/// SIGNED ///

Gladiator Command Staff


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