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Indy to Pegasus Fleet

Posted on Thu Nov 10th, 2016 @ 7:15pm by David Hawkins


I wanted to update everyone. After the Command Staff have completed looking over the responses to our last vote on Pegaus Fleet, I wanted to inform you all that we have all come to the same view. Everyone is on board with joining the fleet.

Yes, we will be joining the fleet. I have applied and am in the process of doing their version of the CO Academy. Its progressing as planned and they are doing the final agreement on where they want to place the Gladiator. So yes, we are in the process of going the Fleet.

A few words, we have investigated and took a lot of time to get to know the Administrate Staff. They have been open and honest. THe way we desired to have our fleet be designed, ran and viewed is being done in PF as we speek. There are little details that are a little different, but still not a downfall. There has been one thing that was brought up as a concern but we have felt that this has been cleared and the Administrative staff are more than welcome to sit down and talk to any and everyone about their concerns in the Chat room, whether it be ours or theirs or private. This is a major hint to how open they are willing to. Either case, they are willing to help anyone out as we strive to do as well.

The Command Staff all agree that its worth giving them a shot. BUT what does this mean to you all??? Nothing if you don't want it too. IF you want to stay on Gladiator and keep to us, that is how we will keep it, BUT if you want to venture out and see what this new community may hold, you are more than welcome to. They have an active chat room and Forum. They take ideas and offer the COs to vote on 80% of the rules and regulations ran for the fleet. So speak your mind and just like the Gladiator, make this fleet, as much yours as theirs. Thank you all for your trust with us and we will make sure to keep you all protected. God Speed and Great work all!



Commodore David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


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