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Pegasus Fleet and Task Force 37

Posted on Mon Nov 14th, 2016 @ 4:55pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

I will make this simple and sweet. As of today, we have been welcomed into the family known as the Pegasus Fleet. I have made it my goal to make sure the crew of the Gladiator would fit with the people of the Pegasus people. Well I spent a lot of time with the people, talked to them for about 2 weeks, and they have interacted with a hand full of us and we with them. So far, they stand for the same as we stand. With that being said, its made our choice easier to give them a shot. We will put our all in all into this fleet. We hope and pray that this will do great. At any time, if anyone seems concerned or worried, let us know quickly.

But the Administrative team and I will be making sure that Gladiator isn't effected and we continue to enjoy our stories. As of right now, we are now assigned to Task Force 37, which is actually assigned in the Delta Quadrant. For now, we stay in place on the Federation/Romulan neutral zone. I look forward to working on a story arch to visit the Delta Quadrant. But we stay on course with our storyline. Look forward to hear and see what we come up with.

So here is to the new Fleet and Task Force. God Speed for us all.



Commodore David Hawkins


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