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Memphis Island Academy

Posted on Sat Nov 19th, 2016 @ 8:00am by David Hawkins


Hey all. Hope things are well and everyone is enjoying the story going on. We have went ahead and opened up our newest project which has quite a few excited in playing a part of.

Memphis Island Academy has new slots and will focus on just the cadet level of training and life. We have a couple instructor spots and cadet slots as well. Whoever is in the instructor slots will be able to lead small subplot missions to train and lead cadets in which we don't see much off. We are striving for this to be all NPCs, no one will have a primary cadet or instructor character. Your primary character must still remain so.

.This is all a test to see how well work but most of all, just for fun and enjoyment. To accomidate the seperation of missions when not intrigrated in to the actual mission we have opened Mission tab specifically forMemphis Island Academy posts. So anytime its focused on the cadet or instructor and their lives and training outside the normal mission will go there.

At this point this is not a training zone, as we do not have the infustructure to do so, however if you are wanting to be trained in specific areas, please let us know. We'll search for the resources to help you if we are unable to do it. This addition is meant just for the fun and expantion of NPCs under your control.

So its not mandatory at all. If you want to see your primary character as an Instructor as well, PM myself and Kavi so we can make a slot for you. For example, Kavi is actually the Admin for the Academy, she also is the XO on Gladiator. We look forward to seeing these stories. God Speed and good luck.



Commodore David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A
Task Force 37


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