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Class Change

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 12:04pm by David Hawkins


For the past 3 years, we have ran strong with a great crew and the same class of ship, the Sovereign class. She has done us well and we have enjoyed the creativity, excitement and even destruction and resurrection of the Sovereign. It's not the class that made us though. It was the diversity and creativity of our crew... you guys. It's not that we can't keep going for another 3 years with the class, but we want to give everyone a new chance to make something new and exciting with this class.

The Excalibur class starship, a massive starship designed for exploration and the 24th century version of a battleship. Bulky and can handle a nice couple punches without slowing her down. PF scale is a starship that is 38 decks. For now, I'm leaving out those details for we are requesting that we see this class shis be it's former glory of 52 decks. Personal wise won't change much and we will have plenty of room for many new faces and sidemissions. We are finishing up the launch post here soon but have all new posts or posts that can wait till moved to the new class is in play. So start packing your bags and show us what you forsee in this new ship. If you want to see your department have special room or special listings, pm us and let us know so we can get it worked in.

Remember, this is your sim as much as ours. So I look forward to your ideas and creativity. Look out for our new senior staff meeting which will also have assistant department heads in as well due to the large behemoth. God speed and talk to you all soon!





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