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Important updates

Posted on Tue Apr 4th, 2017 @ 5:08pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey there crew,

We have a number of things to update you on.

First of all, We wanted to let you know that Lt Commander M’Gann has opted to step down from the command team due to real life. Her storylines, ideas, and input has been greatly valued and we would like to thank her for her service to this game and wish her well. She has yet to decide if she will be taking a break from the game altogether, or if she will remain as a standard member of the crew. Either way, please wish her well.

With her departure, we will be granting Lixor Nabhon the position of chief of science, as well as a long deserved promotion to full Lieutenant. Congratulations! You will do great in your new role!

As you all know we called for a roll call last weekend. Thank you so much to those who have already replied, your voice was influential in some of the decisions made by the command team. Never underestimate your power, you give us the drive and inspiration to continue administering this community.

For those yet to reply, please do so by Friday April 7th. Once we hit that day the command team will be looking at what crew we have, and begin to structure the next mission, as well as advertise for key positions that are open. Please understand, if you do not reply, with current activity levels, you will be considered to be stepped down. If you by some chance were unable to reply and wish to rejoin, you will be more than welcome.

The current mission we are on has not been a big hit, and it has been a struggle from the start, so the command team has opted to end this mission early, something we rarely do this early in a mission. We have come up with a unique mission with a taste of some classic Star Trek villains. We hope it will be exciting.

With the new mission I wanted to address something else. Many of you seem to be what we’d call ‘follower writers’, you respond only and seem to be hesitant to add details, twists, or ideas to the mission. Please! Add your ideas! Rather than just replying to a tag, have your character ask a question, discover something, or do something. We roll with the punches, and we are eager for your additions. I’ll admit, it can be very disheartening to put effort into developing mission ideas, and for the players to do nothing but simply respond to direct tags and put nothing more into it. It makes it difficult to continue on. If you have ever felt that you can not add your ideas in, please understand that is not the case, we are extremely eager for your additions. In most cases, our missions are open ended for additional creativity and plot twists by you all. So enjoy and keep it going.

If you are one of our awesome editors, please keep your edits to just when you add your own tag. We'll do my best to give you heads up when nearing the end of a post, so that you can do a double check. When you do, if you do not have a tag to add please put at the bottom, "ooc: edit check", so we are not hunting for the new parts. As a game masters we closely watch the incoming emails, and it can be very confusing to receive updates with the same information in every email. We really appreciate your edits, they keep us on our toes.

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work, and we hope for an exciting future ahead! God Speed!

/// SIGNED ///



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