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Pending mission end

Posted on Wed Apr 2nd, 2014 @ 6:43pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hello Dearys!

We are planning on ending the current missions very shortly, no actual date set, but gearing for end of this week/begining of next. Once we reach the planet of Kaslau with the Wasp in tow, there will be 48 hours of shore leave, while the new pending crew comes aboard. I wanted to give you heads up, just incase you wanted to find some fun *cough* trouble *cough*, you can go ahead and begin those posts/JPs.

From this point in game, between now and arrival at Kaslau
- we will be repairing damage caused by the battle
- killing the plants
- everyone pitching in to rip the dead plants out and help destroy them
- Assist the Durrighash in the same thing, as they are allergic to the plants
- Down time, rest and have a little fun!

These are all things that can be doing enroute, and we will be passing over at least a week+ of Game Days, so have fun with it.

We will be moving on to our next mission shortly. If any one has ideas how to close up these loose ends let us know! As always we would love to hear any ideas you have, any subplots you think of are more than welcome! We strive to ensure this is all our game - thats how we like it!

- Kavi

PS. Cats Rule


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