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Quick Update

Posted on Mon Jan 27th, 2014 @ 5:23pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator

Let me say first and for most, welcome one and all to the U.S.S. Gladiator. I am sure all of you have joined a new coming Sim and even seen it started up. This is usually when the SIM can be a make or break for a long run. But honestly, this is just a game to which I would hope everyone can enjoy and have a good time with. Monthly I am going to try my best to write out a recap of all that's been going on in and outside of the game.

Not many see what's going on in the backgrounds and I feel that the more open I am to all of you, the better. I believe whole heatedly that there are some things that be out in the open and some shouldn't but what ever the case, everyone will get fare and equal treatment whether friend or foe. I hope everyone agrees and will back me up with this choice.

I would like to inform everyone of my plan for making this as much of a game as it should be. So I have brought back an style of awarding people and even more, the ability to keep things professional and fun. Some people will like this and some may not. Either case, it will be an equal chance for all to enjoy it properly with chances of promotions and awards and what not.

This old style is a point system which will give people to strive for promotions and demotions. Other awards beside promotions will be offered. But for right now, the basics are set up and I will explain more in another update. So more to come.

Another thing is, the website for the Gladiator... This is running on Nova 2.0 and honestly I'm not as skilled with this system as I was with the SMS when it comes to updates and modifications. So I'm possibly going to transfer the system back on order to make it look more... Fancy. But if it does happen, I will give everyone the chance to be updated and I will personally save all posts and JPs and what not in order to make it less work on everyone else.

Finally, with the crew count of 7, we will soon be put in the active status and we can be officially "launched" into our first mission. But the way I have set up the missions, they will run in a season episode type set up. So the first mission is basically getting everyone together and launched. So... Mission one is almost complete... Surprise and congrats!

I want to finish off with saying this. Thank you all. This makes writing fun when everyone is as excited and enjoying it as much or more than my own. Command staff are on an open door policy so email any of us for any issues. We also run gmail IM so its easy to contact us via IM. Thank you once again and God Speed!



Commander David "Helaku" Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


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