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Gold Unit of Merit Award Winner

Posted on Wed Apr 30th, 2014 @ 7:05pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

This was received rather late to say the least, but still better than never. I am forwarding it all to everyone else to show the great work you have all done. For the month of March, we have one not only the Silver, but the Gladiator stands at the top with Gold. Great work everyone, but most of all, thanks for making this an interesting and fun sim. GREAT WORK PEOPLE!!!


Good Evening,

I apologize that this was released publicly before it came to the CO mailing list. I attempted to send it to you but it didn’t go through because this e-mail address had not been added to the Yahoo! Group. That has been rectified, so going forward, know that you will receive advance notice of the UoM results prior to it being announced to the Fleet.

Thank you to everyone for your patience as I have transitioned into the role of Director of Fleet Services. As you know, in addition to the duties of my previous role as Director of the Fleet Corps, I am now responsible for awards administration for all Level 2 and Level 3 awards, including UoMs. A majority of my time here has been working to get the organization and administrative things worked out, but I would like to put these out, albeit delayed.

Congratulations to the winners for March, and I look forward to seeing nominations and giving awards for April in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your service to Obsidian Fleet, and if there is anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at any time!


Independent Fleet Operations (IFO)

No nominations were received.

Task Force 21, Wolf Star Squadron

Bronze: USS Marshal (TG 21-C) | Commander Felix Argylle, Commanding Officer
Silver: USS Sarek (TG 21-C) | Commodore Talla H’Rhar, Commanding Officer

Task Force 47, The Avengers

Bronze: USS Chesapeake (TG 47-A) | Captain Rhys Enzo Glover, Commanding Officer
Bronze: Triton Seabase (TG 47-B) | Captain Michael Hart, Commanding Officer
Silver: USS Gladiator (TG 47-C) | Commander David “Helaku” Hawkins, Commanding Officer

Task Force 72, The Peacekeepers

Bronze: USS Firebird (TG 72-A) | Captain Madison King, Commanding Officer
Bronze: USS Yorktown (TG 72-C) | Commander Jonas Sheppard, Commanding Officer
Silver: USS Crown (TG 72-B) | Captain T’Zera, Commanding Officer

Gold Unit of Merit Award Winner, March 2014: USS Gladiator

Once again, my congratulations to all our UoM recipients, your hard work is much appreciated!


Best Regards,
Rear Admiral Ethan Jonathan Carter
Director, Office of Fleet Services


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