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Story Line

Posted on Fri May 9th, 2014 @ 5:30am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey crew,

I just wanted to touch base with every one. I know this mission is a slow moving one, but with 75% of the having been on leave for the past month, that is bound to happen. Most of the crew is now returning, although a couple will be on leave again shortly for a little while. We will muscle through and have fun doing it!!

I just want to say it is fabulous to see a crew that is enjoying the game enough to keep it moving even with so many players having to slow down due to real life. Koodos to you! and Cookies for all, just don't let Hawkins see them or they are likely to disappear!

So here is the current standing on the story line

Lady Patience (yaya i can finally spell it!) is exploring the ship and meeting the officers, more like annoying them. She is arrogant and rude, and frustrated by the lack of what she feels is respect for her position. Her children have caused some trouble on the ship as well.

aaaaand thats about it.

On the character development side, we have picked up a couple more crew members and are settling in their arrivals and such.

We are wanting to throw a twist in here soon, so we're asking that every one get their current JP's closed up, unless the point in time they are posted doesn't matter.

My hope is to throw this twist in on MONDAY. Thats 3 days from now. If you need help with any thing please let me know!!

- Kavi


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