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Posted on Wed May 14th, 2014 @ 2:54pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey there happy crew!

At the very end of the post More Dots Part 4 there is a twist in the mission. (I know I accidently posted half a tag, my oops! I forgot it was there!)

To be clear as to what has happened, as we all work on more posts. THE POWER IT OUT! If there are details that I'll need posted I'll let you know privately, but for the moment I'd like to see every ones reactions to the power outage.

The only ship systems that are WORKING, repeat WORKING,
Emergency Life Support
Emergency Gravity Systems
The Holographic Computer core (it has its own power source)
Limited Holo Emitters - flaky at best
Limited emergency lights

So, lets see what you guys got! Where you at and what are you doing when the power goes out. What will you do now?

A couple things to keep in mind,

1.) all posts that take place before the power outage should be labeled with (Backpost) in the title or the first words of the post so that we all know where it fits.
2.) Posts related to the outage go under the new mission tab Pitch Black
3.) The CO is on leave for the next few days, if you need any thing, please contact me or Lt. ch'Koro.

I think I covered it all... :D



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