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Posted on Wed Jun 11th, 2014 @ 9:31am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey there all

So the past couple of days I kept wondering to myself why nothing was really happening on the ship, this morning, it dawned on me... I haven't even told you whats going on!!

Forgive me, I feel like a bloody eejit!

SO here is the run down and plan so you all know whats up!!

1.) Power was suddenly restored, no one knows why
2.) The crew should be trying to regain their baring and settle their injuries.
3.) About 15ish minuets after power is restored the ship is put on red alert and is attacked!
4.) Every one should be getting to their battle stations as fast as possible!

I do have a post just starting on the bridge, any one whos characters should be there, let me know and I'll add you. I'm leaving it in your hands in case your character is other wise tied up, least we know its not Caldera this time since she was rescued. LOL ;)

We plan in pushing through the battle fairly quickly as I think we're all about ready for this mission to end.

For your information, AFTER the battle we will have about one week of game time on the Gladiator before reaching starbase 47, after which we have planned 6 weeks game time at the starbase while the ship is repaired and updated and the full crew compliment comes. I have some interesting ideas for some of you to do during this six weeks. We will spend no more than two weeks Real time to cover that six weeks, hence why I'm giving you notice in advance. I'll PM you some ideas if you're one that I thought of.

Remember, we are totally open to sub plots and twists, IRL always has lots of different things going on at once, we think the game can do that too. We need your ideas! This is your game and we want your input to make it exciting for every one!

I think thats all i need to cover for the moment. Any questions please let us know!!!

AKA - Kavi


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