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Moving around and Moving Forward

Posted on Sun Jun 29th, 2014 @ 10:33am by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

Alrighty, it would probably be a great Idea to update you all on a couple changes on the Gladiator. First off, we have a new character playing the Helm officer, but its still our same ol' player, Christie at the helm. She felt that the character fit in a lot better than Coi. Not everyone agreed, but its her call and we will have some fun with her anyway and not shun her :-P

Second is our Marine NCO to Chief Medical Officer. They will both be on board and played but Maya (formerly known as Cross) felt that she could fill in the position of ship's Doctor. We are all confident that this position is being filled by a great player to add more twists and turns to the already crazy SIM we call the Gladiator.

Finally, I would like to inform the crew of 2nd Lt. Saville, our Engineer/Marine, will be stepping down for now due to RL issues. It is sad to see players go and I typically don't announce crew members removal but she was an interesting player and will be missed. Her position is always open for her to return. We all wish you the best and take it easy.

On one last note, I would like to keep everyone informed that there is a possible character transfer to the Gladiator. I won't go into to much details, but our numbers fluctuate, but still staying very much strong. Keep it up people.



Commander David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


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