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Upcoming Mission(s)

Posted on Sat Jul 12th, 2014 @ 3:33pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

Well, we are doing it again! I have added the new missions. If you have JPs that are after the Gladiator launches from the Starbase, let's go ahead and transfer them to either one of the two Missions:

- A New Home
- The Arena

We will be finishing up Starbase and R&R. I am sorry for the slow response on moving forward, but it seems that its either me that is slow to responding to final JPs or People are enjoying the random JPs. Great work people and I'm sorry once again. Been very busy or just to tired to even do anything. Call me a horrible CO to which I already do call myself.

But we are moving on. Keep writing those JPs and get ready for arriving to the new planet hopefully by next week the latest. If there are JPs I'm needed, please let me know. Its OK to kick the CO or anyone else. If there are issues getting ahold of a player, PM us and we will slap them with sticks. :-P

Remember, this is your SIM as much as ours, so all the excitement is what you can make it. If we are slowing you down, let us know and we will get our butts in gear.



Commander David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


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