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Exciting news

Posted on Mon Jul 14th, 2014 @ 7:21am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey crew!

I've got two bits of exciting news to share!

First of all, Lt. Khelev ch'Koro has been granted a promotion to Lt. Commander! He has been a great player and a big help behind the scenes with mission planning, policy writing, and an excellent point of view on the command team with shaping the sim. He's a smart cookie thats for sure. Hmmm now I want cookies... THank you ch'Koro for always being that 3rd set of eyes on issues and lending your opinion, and always being a help!

So Congratulations ch'Koro! Be watching for his promotion post! Maybe you'll get some ideas for when your promotion comes around!

The second bit of news is that our very own Commander Hawkins has been given a promotion by the fleet, to Captain! We many of you are aware we had taken a vote for his promotion more than a month ago. As a command team we felt it was best that the crew had the primary say in his promotion. All of you lent your voice and we and the fleet heard you. We are working it out in game, so until you see the official post, the promotion is not complete yet.

Since this game began six months ago it had turned into an exciting place to relax and write stories. Hawkins has done a good job taking care of the paperwork and mission planning and sim shaping. I think that his mind set that the crew makes the game, he only hosts it is a fabulous mind set to have. His hosting of this game, if you will, has turned it in to the amazing sim that it is. He's always so humble about it, giving the crew credit for this games success, but today, I'm turning that around and thanking Hawkins for the work and creative talent he has poured in to this game! We all know that as much as the crew brings success to a game, the CO is JUST as important as any one else!

So please join me in thanking and congratulating our now CAPTAIN Hawkins!!!

We look forward to promoting, thanking, and congratulating other members of the crew as their time for promotions come. We are keeping careful track of your points and will notify you when your are eligible, as always it is up to you when and how you receive the promotion, as we feel it important that your promotion make sense in relation to you character, and their personal story.

Keep on writing! I'm always so excited to read what new posts come out, I enjoy every interaction I have with you, (even if the post has some negativity in it.) I love the drama, the fun, and the laughs!

Thank you all!!


Lt. Commander Mercia Kavi
XO USS Gladiator
Charlotte - who wants cookies now....


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