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Posted on Mon Sep 15th, 2014 @ 7:08am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Hey all, I hope you had a good weekend!

I wanted to remind everyone that current jps are eue at the end of the week! Please push them!

For those in the arena, at the end of your current challenge you will see a door of light, go through it and you'll be back in the original temple and will be caught up very fast to the Gladiator.

While I don't want anyone written out of a jp, please keep in mind that we've been on the same jps for almost six weeks, we must push it along for the health of the game.

If anyone is in need of an loa please let us know, so that we know youre not ignoring posts.

I am aware there are several people waiting on Hawkins, he apologizes for his busyness of late and will return soon!

We both understand that IRL can slow us down, we experience seasons like that as well, so don't feel we are on your case, or being hypocritical, we are just setting goals, without goals we won't grow or move.

Have a fabulous week, and if you need anything please let me know!



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Category: General News