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New Member and New Lt. Commander

Posted on Thu Oct 2nd, 2014 @ 8:26pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator,

First off, Happy October. Get your Halloween costumes and candy ready, its going to be another great year for trick or treating. So go have fun and be safe.

Second, I would like to welcome our new crew to the Gladiator, Lieutenant J.G. Ari Reed, our new CMO. New blood to break in and have some fun with. Please welcome them and start JPs. Yes this Mission is going to be very tricky and what not, but JPs are still allowed to be saved for a later date. No issues whatsoever. So enjoy your writings together and welcome once again Lieutenant!

Finally, Let me introduce our new Lt. Commander Vanora Stele! oh wait... Either case, Kevin aka Vanora Stele has been here from practically the beginning. He has done some awesome with being able to stand up and help out, enjoy writings and even becoming a great friend and asset to this SIM. I can honestly say that he is one of the reasons why this SIM has been such a great joy to Command and I wouldn't continue without people like him backing me up in RL and in the SIM.

With his promotion to Lt. Commander, he has also been added to the command Staff as 3rd XO. The reasoning for this is in character is if and when the CO and XO are out of the picture, the 2nd XO and 3rd XO are able to step in. Typically the Chief Engineer will stay in Engineering on major issues, meaning that the next one in command will take charge of the bridge, but still have the 2nd XO to step in if and when needed. Yes I know some of you may see this as unusual, but this is possible and I have seen this as well. So don't worry, i have already thought of this and the command staff have agreed that this works out great. SO please take the time to congratulate his promotion and thank him for all he does.

As a note and reminder, this is a game and we do this for fun, nothing more, nothing less. This final mission will be difficult to work without constant communication with all players and Command. We work hard and keep going. I'm proud to know all of you and love writing with ya. Lets finish this year with great numbers and excitement. Happy writing people and God Speed!



Captain David Hawkins


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