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Update From Command Dtaff

Posted on Sun Oct 26th, 2014 @ 7:43pm by David Hawkins

Crew of the Gladiator

I just want to send a message to touch base. I know this month has continued the slow trend we've had the past two months of dragging along with the story. We have all been spoiled with the fast pace of earlier this year.

We are all feeling the effects of the changes in life. It happens. Rest assured the command team is still working to keep this game alive, and yes its horribly slow right now, but it IS still alive and kicking.

Every member of the command team has, or is, working through some massive life changes in the past few months, as such, the game as slowed down. We're not going to let it die!

If you would like an extra project to write, on your own, to share with us please use an NPC and have them go through something. I ask that you put me in to the post and save it so i can review it first to ensure that it still fits the needs of the mission. I know its uncommon for us not to have extra things people can do, and that is part of the frustration, but the nature of the kind of makes us stuck. But, this ship is huge! There are hundreds of solid crew members to play with! Don't be afraid to use them!

they can go through something traumatic
They can relive something
They can endure some battle
Be forced on some dangerous and deadly adventure (preserved as deadly)
they can face some sort of fear of feared future

Only two rules is if the character needs to interact with Elian, that MUST be done by either Paul or myself.
Second rule is you have to save it with me included so I can review it before publishing.

Any questions, please let me know!!

Command Staff


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