1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Name Taylor Jonathan Price

Position Marine Detachment Commander

Rank 1st Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 185
Hair Color dirty blonde
Eye Color green
Physical Description Short hair and a neatly trimmed beard and mustache (the 5 o'clock shadow look)Large tattoo covers his right shoulder and right side, he had to done his first year in the corp to cover up a burn scar suffered during a childhood accident.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jonathan Price (Starfleet Lcdr)
Mother Meredith Price
Brother(s) Nathaniel 38
Justin 35
Identical twins Timothy and Thomas 32
Sister(s) none
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taylor enjoyed life on the family farm, 140 acres of fields, in northern Oklahoma. With a starfleet officer for a father, his mother ran the farm. 4 older brothers and Taylor was the baby of the Price family, but he was able to pull his weight. He worked with horses and picked the apples in the summer months. Taylor grew up strong and confident in himself.

But that was before the fire.

Price is a man with a checkered past, a personal secret he considers to be dark and dangerous. He's a good man with a warm heart, but refuses to allow himself to get close to people. His mentality is if he doesn't get close to anyone he can't put their lives in harms way. This has affected his academics in the Marine Academy as well as his tours of duty, as Taylor has been labeled a black sheep. His fit reps all say the same thing, he doesn't play well with others and is not a team player. However they give glowing reviews about his combat tactics and skills as a marine. Over all Taylor shows promise as a Marine, if he can get over his demons that is.

He does not speak about his family, he's never gotten communications from home and given the chance refuses leave to Earth.
Strengths & Weaknesses Taylor has all the typical strengths of a straight forward straight laced Marine. He’s confident, courage, fearless in combat situations. He’s a true blue, marine. As he’s matured through the ranks he has begun to take on a leadership role and shows a keen eye for combat tactics. Taylor Price is efficient in hand to hand combat and infantry combat strategies. There are some characteristics of Taylor’s Marine make up that make him an excellent marine but not necessarily a great person. He’s very untrusting of new people and this tends to make him a loner. He’s independent and strong willed which only fuels that loner mentality. He can be withdraw and is sometimes socially awkward because of it. He keeps to himself and is often unwilling to open up to new people.
Ambitions Taylor intends to advance through the ranks, make MCO before retiring. Maybe just maybe then he can fall in love, again and no one can get hurt because of him.
Hobbies & Interests Taylor enjoys horseback riding in the holodeck, it reminds him of the innocence of his childhood. He also like to go swimming and rock climbing. Sports that he can enjoy by himself.

Personal History Taylor grew up in Oklahoma on the family farm the youngest of five brothers, his father was a starfleet officer and his mother a stay at home mom, the family farm was worked by the brothers and a few farm hands. Taylor realized very young that he was different from his brothers, but feared being picked on and worked twice as hard as they did around the farm so that their was no questioning his sexual orientation.
Taylor was 18 when he fell in love for the first time, a handsome farm hand who was just a few years older. It was an amazing summer full of passion, but his eldest brother Nathaniel got wise to the relationship. One night while Taylor and his lover were in the stables, Nathaniel caught them making love, an angry argument erupted between the brothers and it came to blows. In the scuffle, candles were knocked into the hay and a fire spread. Nathaniel ran locking his brother and lover inside the stables.

Taylor was able to free himself and his boyfriend but not before the shirt caught on fire, scaring his shoulder and side. While in the hospital Taylor learned that the farm hand had drowned in the farm’s pond and his brother had told his secret. Although a mother’s love is strong the family disowned him and Taylor left for the Marine Corp after being released for the hospital.

As a marine Taylor Price excelled in infantry and combat tactic, he got a full back tattoo to cover the scar on his back and stayed quiet. Developing a reputation as a hardass and a hardcore marine. No one needed to know his past and he never went home.
Service Record SFMA first year: Taylor's academics are nearly perfect his scores are some of the highest in his class.
SFMA second year: Taylors academics slip slightly and he receives two disciplinary marks for getting into fights with peers.
SFMA third year: Academics stay steady, Taylor fails to make class squad leader due to his disclipinary record which is now littered with several more marks regarding fights with peers and his inability to work in groups.
SFMA fourth year: Taylor's Academics pick back up after a series of intense sessions with the Academy's counselor. Taylor makes first in his class for the year and squad leader for graduation. Taylor graduates with his 2nd Lt bar.

His first assignment is a training camp on Mars, Infantry basics and hand to hand combat. On Mars Taylor is giving the nickname "black sheep" because he disobeyed a direct order during a combat exercise, his entire platoon was disqualified from the exercise except Taylor who was the only one to complete the exercise. Taylor explained to the base CO that he felt the order lack combat tactics and that was why he didn't follow the orders and he knew better then to argue in front of others. Taylor's punishment was 2 weeks in the stockade.

Second assignment: USS Gladiator...