Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Name Samuel Warren Phelps

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 11 in
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Phillips is a thin man who has a round face with pronounced cheeks and an expression that is pleasant but nothing much above average. He would best be described as 'average' and one that tends to mold into a crowd.. When smiling he has a warmth like he is family but nothing actually outstanding about him. He dresses in a manner that is not standing out but is well kept. He can be handsome if he tries but most of time remain average in his appearance

Off duty he wears the casual style of clothing, favoring collared and knit shirts with light slacks and sandals. He often wears a stylish Fedora which is an oddity but his one outstanding style of clothing. He is aware of his appearance but the reason is not vanity, he just wishes to convey a certain image and he constantly changes to maintain it.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Vern
Mother Tasha
Brother(s) Andrew (older, Merchant Captain)
Sister(s) Sisters: (Helen, older deceased.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Phelps is a friendly type of persona that is best described as recessive; he tries on many occasions to avoid conflict. He hads a brilliant mind that can explain himself in technical terms but when having to emotionally express himself he has difficulty.

Phelps has the kind of focus that allow his analysis of things to e precise and able to formulate conclusions quickly. He is more of an information archivist, to him the organizing of information and access of it is the basis for any logical conclusions.

Phelps has a larger than average fear of being hurt, he will do almost amazing feats to avoid it. His actual pain threshold is high, Medical reports of his few injuries show he complained equally over major or minor injuries.

The one point that is both a hindrance and a strength is his ability to keep a secret; he does it in both private and professional manner, he is an extreme archivist of information. Where he has problems is when to divulge secrets, he has the training for his professional side but on the personal note he is often unsure how much to give out. This is complected by his extreme adherence to semantics in his speech pattern, being of high int elect he is precise with his speech and must be taken literally in what he says. He will not directly lie to those he trusts or is told he must trust. Outside that he is the type that says exactly what he means.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Photographic memory
+ Analytical Mind
+ Cryptic talent
+ Talented Pilot
+ Extreme willpower

+/- Keeps secrets

-Passive persona
- introvert
- Secures knowledge
- Manipulative
- subtle cryptic nature
- Extreme semantics in all he says.

Languages: Fed Standard, Romulan, Klingon , Ferengi
Ambitions To be the chief of SFI Counter Intellegence
Hobbies & Interests Rousing game Badminton
Games of chance, prefers poker
Tai Chi with Butterfly Swords
Reading/ studying
Ballroom Dancing.
Creating computer Programs and holograms.
Portrays a creator of giizmos to be used in the Spy field.
20th century small arms
Extreme car Driver

Personal History Samuel was the youngest of three children; an older brother a decade older and a sister four years older he was also said to be the most clever of his siblings. He show an aptitude as he learned to understand speech faster than he spoke it. His understanding was spot on from an early age yet when seeming to be behind he 'suddenly' spoke with the age level speech patterns. His mother was a teacher and she realized his special needs and put him in a self study with friends to tartar him. Samuel excelled through his studies and by the time he was through elementary graduated a grade level above his peers.

Growing up as a 'Brain' or a 'geek' meant he was picked on; his parents were pacifists and sought to put their son proper training. He studied Tai Chi for the balance of mind body and soul; to help with his focus. His parents did not realize fully that Tai Chi has aggressive potential which Samuel took to. He also learned a selective balade art in the Butterfly swords, Shaolin Priests carried them to fight bandits; and mostly to maim rather than kill opponents, he became most proficient with the smaller blade and his fast speed and guilty helped.

Once in high school level he focused n his studies and came a little more out of his shell; he had made the mistake of discovering the opposite sex and that slowly his rocketing school grades. He remained in the top ten percentile of his class and had managed to graduate at 16. He was starting college for a computer science hoping to make a career in Star Fleet as a Computer Engineer on a star ship. One of the programs he was playing with had a hexadecimal matrix to it and caught the attention of the anti-virus sections of Counter Intel.
His official admittance to Star Fleet Academy was under the computer science cadet, where he made friends and had a normal time despite getting the top 1% in his skill set. When it came time to graduate he was sent on the USS Dynasty; a ship for the best cadets.

His first assignment was to attend further schooling under the Intel tutleage, learning the skills and gainin=g the experience needed for his clearance. The extra two years of his advancement in studies was worked in the intel section. His first official assignment was at the average age of graduating cadets.
The USS Moscow he came in as a Intel Officer; he was given the assignment as a Encryptionist, he spent most of his time collating and coding information. It was during the Moscow's partol that it happened upon attack by Orion Pirates; or so believed, that were actually after computer information. The Chief of the Intel section was mercilessly beaten and would not devilge the 'unique' encryption Cipher to the computer information. The Pirates were driven off when a near by star ship of the line answered the Moscow distress. It was later noted Phillips had created the cipher and implanted it at the first sign of incursion before his own capture.

The USS Bonneville he was given a Lead slot in the Intel section of a larger ship; this one specifically targeting piracy and incursions into the Romulan space and catching the vessels using Federation space to enter and escape. Samuel was encrypting information as the main man for it. His duties were to gather and analyze the intel, he had been bucked up to 'Analyst level' and a high security clearance above his pay grade. It is during his filing away of information he noted a stream of information intercepted via a subspace relay. The information was encrypted and he took it upon himself to break it down, he only got a few reference to 'RIF' as some designation. He backtracked the signals and found the references were in a small area between Romulan and Federation Space from all speculation; the Chief relayed the information and the Bonneville lay wait in the area off their regular patrol pattern and sent a signal in the code about RIF being clear of commercial traffic. The response was an all clear and a small flotilla of raiders, not a match for the Capitol Class ship of the Bonneville, and they were intercepted.

The USS Tang, a small covert science ship, a modified Nova Class with upgrade, was patrolling the badlands in her arc as a surveyor, getting intel on the more rude class of people as Samuel put it politely at the debriefing by Fleet Comettee. The Captain had violated orders and entered the Badlands. The ship was pounced upon and attacked, the computer Core was sealed tight as a drum, the pirates were working their way down the line of Computer Engineers, OPS and soon focusing with Intel. The comm system was knocked out, Samuel had hidden in a shuttle to evade capture , dragged out he was not hard to do as they requested. He answered their questions with half truths under the chemicals used and physical torture. The USS England, a Sovereign class vessel, came to answer barely received distress from a shuttle on the Tang. The signal was after capture and burnt out the shuttles array in the sheer power pushed through the dish but it reached a subspace relay and the England came to aid. Samuel was promoted and transferred from the Intel Gathering ship; that was subsequently recommissioned under another name, and transferred to the USS Gladiator.