Lieutenant Mellicent Borden

Name Mellicent Anne Borden

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 115#
Hair Color Lt Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mel is of average height and has a slender body. She has what many would call a good figure, which she shrouds with a medical coat. Otherwise, she tends to wear decorated, fitted t-shirts and pants. Her hair is kept in a short pixie manner, and her eyes are large giving her a delicate look.

On duty Mel's wardrobe fits her need for practicality. With scanners, hypos, and other needed instruments Mel has taken to wearing the standard lab coat, that she has customized with her name and position over the left breast pocket. Her jewelry is very bland and small when on duty as she’s has several earrings pulled out in the course of her job.

Off duty Mel enjoys a very casual, laid back look. Loose fitting, cotton fabric with bright vibrant colors; and jewelry to match every occasion. Her favorite go-to-outfit when she is alone in her quarters is a set of mint green fleece sweat pants and matching t-shirt. Rarely does she ever wear this outside of her quarters and she also feels it make her look rather frumpy


Spouse EX - Devon Stamkos
Father Commodore Gerald Dean Borden, 79 Retired
Mother Captain Martha Jean Borden M.D., 76 Retired

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mel is a very confident, determined, stubborn woman when on duty. She knows what she can do, and is always pushing her limits; a trait she got from her mother. Several over the years have called her head-strong or stubborn; but she prefers to call it driven. She isn’t about to lose a bet, or give in on something she firmly believes in.

However, her father has taught her over the years that at times it is ok to ask for help. While this is a rare event, and her controlling personality has a hard time accepting outside help it does happen from time to time. If she allows someone in, it should be taken as token of trust.

Outwardly Mel appears to be a very social person; enjoying parties and get togethers as required. However, many have suggested that this is just a learned trait she picked up in order to protect her; suggesting that Mel is more a loner and hides her real personally in more intimate settings. It is a very odd contradiction in Mel’s career life, versus her personal life.
Strengths & Weaknesses In public, Mel is a person who has to remain in total control over everything, a side effects from her formative years. Many Professionals have told her it is a trait she will have to deal with her entire life. She is determined and stubborn person, who will get what she wants one way or another. It is this obsessive need for control, and a mild lack of respect for authority that has gotten her in trouble a few times in her career. Mel has developed a reputation of pushing people off.

While Mel doesn’t entirely understand this self-driven trait, many (including her parents) believe it was a learned self-protection mechanism that she was unable to grow out of. Despite having loving parents, and a normal life; there has always been a small part of Mel that is scared of being left alone. So if she pushes people away, then they can’t hurt her.

It should also be noted that she completely hates her first name, as an adult she has opted to go by the name Mel, instead of Mellicent.
Ambitions Mel isn’t the type to set long term goals, as her career has developed and stalled she stopped setting goals and switched to a more see where the wind takes you belief. Internally, she’s love to get station to a hospital preferably on a planet, or a large station. But other than that Mel really doesn’t have any “goals” at this point.
Hobbies & Interests Mel likes chocolate, tea, and coffee. In her free time, she loves to reads, a trait she picked up from her mother who was also an avid reader. She enjoys chess, games of chance, and games of mental challenge. They seem to give her a high of sorts. Perhaps one of Mel's stranger habits is her love of opera music, which she plays in her quarters/office often.

Personal History Not much is known of Mel's early childhood, most of her life before the age of five is vague and blurry at best. Dropped off the door step of a Risa orphanage at only a few weeks old, the only indication of her former life was a note that referred to an individual named Harrington. Beyond the standard search no relatives or birth parents were ever found for the baby. Mel’s earliest most vivid memory comes from the orphanage on Risa where she spent the first eight years of her life.

A troubled child, Mel had difficult times making friends; often pushing those close to her away. Typically, she was never selected for adoption or even picked by a family to visit. Things changed however when Gerald and Martha Borden, who were unable to have children of their own, adopt the eight-year-old girl who that named Mellicent Anne Borden after Gerald's late mother. Gerald, whom himself was adopted later in life said that he saw something of himself in the young girl’s eyes and wanted to give her a home beyond the walls of the orphanage.

Her adopted parents loving, ensure that their child wanted for nothing; providing her with the best schooling, and toys that they could give her. Despite having what seems like it all, Mel always maintained a fear of not being in control, and more importantly a fear of being alone. She had friends, parents, classmates; but internally never truly connected to any of them no matter how hard she tried. Many professionals told the Borden’s that this was common in older adoptions and to keep trying.

Like her adopted mother, Mel excelled in the area of math and science. Her natural ability to problem solve often surprised her teachers. During none school hours Mel would often follow her mother to her private practice here worked as a Family Doctor. Mel enjoyed meeting the new people and seeing the look in their eyes as her mother helped with. To the young child their appreciation was often misunderstood as acceptance. So it was no surprise that at the right age Mel signed up for Starfleet following in her mother's footsteps as a Medical Doctor.

While many of her Professors stated Mel was a natural in the field of Medicine and Science; her obsessive need for control often hindered her ability to adapted the Starfleet way of life into her personal life. She got into fights with her instructors and spent a lot of time in the Dean of Students Office for simple offenses. After four rather roughs years she graduated and commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

After the Academy Mel spent the next six years at Star Fleet Medical Academy where she earned her M.D. specializing in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Life at the Medical Academy was slightly more relaxed and Mel seemed to fit in more earning but of respect due to her rank but still the young Officer struggled. Graduating at the age of 28, Mel spent two years working as a resident assigned to Star Fleet Academy.

While the Academy wasn’t the assignment Mel had hoped for it did allow her to fine tune her skills working on all sorts of human and alien lifeforms. She wouldn’t admit it, but her time at the Academy has helped her greatly later on in her career. After a stretch at the Academy, Mel received order to report to the USS Pioneer as Assistant Chief of Medical. The USS Pioneer where life for the young Doctor changed in ways she'd never imagined. It was on the Pioneer that Mel met the man of her dreams and while the two had not known each other long, but were convinced that they were made for each other and married after one year.

While truly in love, the marriage was rocky from the start. Neither had the patience to deal with Mel's obsessive, controlling behavior; and Mel didn't see why her husband was so upset with her. Devon often complained that Mel was over bearing and controlling. Two years into their marriage the two barely spoke to each other, both had move on and created lives that really didn't need the other. The final straw was when Mel was punished for conduct unbecoming after she got into a public fight with her Executive Officer and didn't feel the need to inform her husband.

Devon and Mel just two years into their marriage, and Mel has never been happier. By the end of their marriage she saw Devon as a weak minded twit who was only focused on himself. Unknown to many, Mel was pregnant with the couple's first child at the time of the divorce, however due to the stress of the marriage and divorce Mel lost the baby. She has never told her ex-husband or anyone else; and never will.

Since her divorce Mel has hopped from ship to ship performing her duties to the best of her ability but has never allowed herself to really fit in or make close friends. Her performance is enough to say that she does her job, but she's shown no real effort to advance or move on. Her latest assignment to the USS Gladiator she hopes will be her latest transfer but she isn’t holding her breath; not just yet.
Service Record 2358 – Birth
2358-2366 – Lived in the orphanage on Risa
2366 – Adopted by Gerald and Martha Borden named changed to Mellicent Borden
2366-2376 – lived with the Borden’s on Earth.
2376-2380 – Star Fleet Academy, Medical Route
2380 – Commissioned as an Officer
2380-2386 – Star Fleet Medical Academy, specialization Pediatric Emergency Medicine
2386 – Earned M.D, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2386 – Assigned Star Fleet Academy, Medical Officer
2388 – Assigned USS Pioneer, Medical Officer
2388 – Divorced, reassigned USS Fallon, Assistant Chief of Medical
2390 – assigned USS Sparks, Assistant Chief of Medical
2391 – assigned USS Yerington, Medical Officer
2392 – assigned USS Henderson, Assistant Chief of Medical
2392 – Promoted to full Lieutenant
2393 – USS Gladiator, Chief of Medicine