Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes

Name Sean "Shack" Patrick Byrnes

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Fri Sep 2nd, 2016 @ 8:22am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 191
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Byrnes is physically fit, with the body of an athlete and a strength trainer, the years of clambering around for engineering duties building on what he had already kept healthy.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Byrnes is an Irish-American who enjoys using his 'casual' persona to disarm people. His sense of humor is offbeat, and often times filled with sarcasm. Sean likes to get a rise out of people through teasing and humor. He is a brilliant engineer and pilot, and an outstanding officer. However, he has very little first-hand experience with alien cultures, and he's often 'out of his element' when dealing with new civilizations. He is a man of dignity, pride and vitality.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being who he is, Sean can be impetuous, energetic, and tends to throw himself into activities with all his heart. He is a clear, incisive thinker and can carry plans to their conclusion. As a teen/young man he spent time deep sea diving off the California coast during an ocean reclamation project. Bold and fearless, this thrill-seeker kept right on going. His skills at working in a hostile environment, with no gravity, dependant on artificial life support, eventually led to a career in Orbital Engineering for Starfleet, building starships at Utopia Planetia. As a cadet, and then later as an officer, Byrnes earned a reputation as a trouble-shooter who would take on challenges most other engineers thought were impossible.

When it comes to Sean's humor and sarcasm, it tends to come out stronger when he is put in uncomfortable situations. The flippancy and wisecracks start rolling out before he realizes it, and the sarcasm gets thicker by the minute, until he finds his comfort zone. A one-time girlfriend told Sean that he was a 'popping out' type of personality, and everyone around him always has fun when he is there. This must have been true because all of his friends constantly sought to get him into awkward situations just to hear what he had to say, or the expressions on his face while trying to remain cool.

After 4 years in the Academy, and 5 years active duty, Sean has overcome many of his traits when put in awkward situations, but the wisecracks and sarcasm remain a constant. He is always on the hunt for the next big adventure. Whether it's deep-sea diving, constructing starships in orbit, piloting ships, or interspecies dating, Sean is good to go.
Hobbies & Interests Byrnes has many likes and interests, ranging from personal to professional, especially in the engineering field.

As would be expected of a person who lived a rough and ready life, Byrnes likes the dangerous and thrilling as a means of entertainment. Physical activities are also favored.

Beyond this Shack is an avid singer with a wide range of vocal, and has a fondness for the guitar and percussion of Earth; especially for rock and metal bands, his preferred music. He plays, sings, and performs regularly, either in holodecks, the lounges of many a place, or merely in his cabin for his own relaxation and enjoyment.

Personal History Joined Starfleet at 18, both for Engineering and Flight Control. When asked by an engineering instructor why he took so much on himself, Sean's answer was simple; "If I fix 'em, I should know how they operate." After graduation Byrnes was assigned to Utopia Planetia shipyards, not only as an orbital engineer, but also as a pilot for running shuttlepod cargo trains back and forth to Earth, the moon, and Planetia.