Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen

Name Shiloh Sebastian Hacksen

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 153lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Shiloh is relatively at a standard height but is considered under weight in his stature at 153 pounds. Regardless of this though, he is stronger than most people realize and is said to be “wirey.”
His hair is normally kept at a length just at his shoulders and his bands are normally “swooped” off to the right side of his face.
His body tells a story of differing things. His torso itself shows the scars of a child that has been in several altercations, whether it be being beaten by his father or the fights he got into in his prison sentence.
His arms however show a tale that he calls “Hope.” His right arm has a full sleeve of tattoos from his shoulder down to his wrist. They vary in things from a tribal nature, to floral, to water and a boat. On the forearm of his left arm is a cross.

His eyes are a deep brown that are normally pretty stoic and showing little emotion, or caring. It’s never been decided which is actually the chance.

When not in uniform, he’s normally found in almost skin tight jeans and a t-shirt.

Shiloh has also looked older for his age.


Spouse None
Children None he knows of.
Father Lance Hacksen (Sergeant - Dishonorable Discharged)
Mother Riley Hacksen (Deceased)
Brother(s) Dallas Hacksen (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shiloh is more or less your typical trouble maker. He’s done a lot of things in his life for shock value, and some for not. Since being beaten by daddy when he was younger to being put in prison, and even to the death of his brother, he has come to the conclusion that he is completely alone in his life. And at times, he is ok with this, although when he is not ok with it he won’t let it show to anyone else.
He is very quick to temper and often quick to a fight, which has landed him into enough trouble as it is.
Even though he comes across as the “strong silent type,” Shiloh can have a softer side, although it’s never really been seen except at the grave of his younger brother.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+Very proficient with weapons, most notably fire arms
+Very strong leadership skills
+Fair at interrogations techniques

-Alcohol is a major issue as that can inflame his temper and he is a recovering drug addict
-Can have violent tendencies.
-Most known as a “loner."
Ambitions To stay out of prison and be better than his parents.
Hobbies & Interests Music, playing guitar and singing, drinking

Personal History Shiloh , or Hack as his nick name was given, did not grow up in a wonderful family. He did not have a wonderful childhood. Actually, if you ask him, Hell is the only word he can think of to describe his life and on certain days, he’d rather be dead than alive.

Shiloh, and his younger twin brother Dallas, were born to an ex Military Sergeant who was dishonorably discharged for conduct unbecoming an officer who has a severe drug and alcohol problem, and a mother whom has started her life as a prostitute and ended up a junkie. Out of both of them, Shiloh can’t remember his mother at all. She died when he was 2 due to a drug overdose with something she took with their father.

Times after that were never to good. The boys had been left alone for hours on end, sometimes for a day or two while their father was out getting trashed. The neighborhood they grew up in saw no real person to call and get them into a social services situation, so it went unnoticed.

At the age of 5, the two boys started getting wind of their father’s true side, and why he was discharged. It started out that at least once a month, Lance would come in either strung out or drunk and start beating the boys. Both were in and out of the hospitals for years for random broken limbs to broken tendons. This started becoming more and more frequent over the years to being a few times a month, to a few times every two weeks, to a few times a week to almost ever single day.

By the time they were at the tender age of 10, both of the boys started taking their own fathers drugs to get rid of the pain, hooking them both. 10 was a pivotal year for Shiloh though, as he found out that he had a voice. In school he ended up in a musical and found out his love and knack for music. Shortly after this, he joined a band and picked up guitar. A few months later, Shiloh ’s brother joined him, learning to play drums. To them, this was their escape and way out of the house.

After about two years of this, they started getting bored and wanted to find something else. The two boys started listening to old 20th century music, mainly playing towards Metal. After a few more months of Shiloh learning that he could “scream,” as it’s called, for the style of music, the boys started living on the wild side. Being some very young musicians who were already drinking and doing drugs, they were living their own life, and were happy for it.

Tragedy struck when Shiloh hit 14. One night, after getting home from playing a concert, they stumbled in on their dad trashing their house. Lance had just taken a shot of a rage drug for the first time, and took a little more than he should have. Upon seeing the two boys, he charged them and started beating both of them. They tried with all their might to fight the man off, but the rage drug took all conscious thought away, as well as pain. After several blows, Shiloh was knocked out. When he awoke, he found himself still bloodied on the floor of their house with his brother next to him, dead. Not knowing what to do, Shiloh called the Police who ended up arresting his father, who was later sent to prison for life.

At first, Shiloh was put in a children’s home bouncing from place to place but no one could take his drinking and constant drug use. Eventually Shiloh ended up finding some musicians that were into the same music he was, since there was a small underground for this style of music, and took off with them. They were all older than him but they said with his talent it didn’t matter.

And for the next two years it didn’t, although he ended up in juvenile detention center for a whole mess of things form drugs to alcohol to fights. Until he was 16, Shiloh was the youngest kid to ever tour in a signed band in the underground 20th century metal scene, and he lived it up. The old mantra of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll,” was how he lived his life.

At the age of 16, life for Shiloh took a turn of a different time. His band ended up on a Calnix Prime in an underground party. They had just released another record and they were playing a show. At the conclusion of their concert, Shiloh and the band stayed and hung out with the people, mainly just drinking. Even though Shiloh was a drug abuser and loved his alcohol, he never did anything the night of a show, saying he wanted his mind to be clear. Out of no where some screams were heard in the back. Turning around he saw a father who had shown up to pick up his child that had snuck out to go to the concert. As the father was trying to get the kid out of the place, the kid tripped and crashed to the ground.

This even caused Shiloh to backtrack and see his own father beating him to death and his brother, literally to death. This enraged Shiloh and he got up and went over to them. Since the death of his brother Shiloh had taken up weapons training, especially with fire arms, citing protection for the reason. He always carried a pistol with him. During this time, he pulled out the pistol and shot the boys father 4 times in the chest.

The police arrived shortly after, arresting him for murder. The only thing he remembers after that was that it was a young women that arrested him, and the only name he remembers of her is “Della.”

Since the murder was a capitol offence, Shiloh was charged as an adult. His attorney tried to argue self defense in the child’s case but it didn’t fly. Shiloh was tried and found guilty on Murder in the 2nd Degree, He was given a sentence of 25 years in a maximum security penitentiary.

In his time in the prison, he went through a lot. From the withdrawal from the drugs and alcohol to being beaten by several inmates for being the new guy, and young guy, he went through a very big transformation.

The first two years of his sentence he ended up in solitary quite frequently, if not the infirmary ward. The next two years of his sentence Shiloh ended up a “model inmate.”

After 4 years of sentence, his attorney started filing an appeal to get him out. He was now 20 years but still had 21 left on his sentence. At the hearing, the Judge looked at his file and took into account that he was a recovered alcoholic and drug user, and the fact that he had possibly been rehabilitated since his last two years there were no black marks on his record. The judge though, was very reluctant to let Shiloh back into society. This is when his attorney thought quickly on his feet, citing that a career in Starfleet could set Shiloh on a more straight and narrow path, as well as let him serve time.

Agreeing to this, Shiloh was released into the custody of Starfleet in the terms of that he serve no shorter than 21 years and he have absolutely no issues at all. The Judge was quick to say though that if anything came up, Shiloh would be back in prison to serve the rest of his 21 years without any possibility of getting out before then.

Starfleet was very reluctant to take a man with Shiloh ’s record, but finally went with it, telling him that every move he made would be under a microscope.