Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra

Name Zul'arra

Position Marine

Rank Cadet Junior Grade


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Tue Feb 26th, 2019 @ 3:11pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Nygnu
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Humanoid, textured skin, natural pale spots in lines around eyes, nose and mouth, vertical pupils,


Personality & Traits

Personal History Little is known about the Nygnu, from the stand point of the Federation. First encounter with the species was on Kabel III, located in the Neutral Zone, by members of Starfleet. What was supposed to be an exploration effort turned into a search and rescue by both the Federation and Romulan Governments. About 800 children were found on a secluded Island where normal sensors were, at first, unable to pick up life signs, of any sort. These children had been transported from an unknown location in the galaxy, to the island, as a death sentence by their people’s government in hopes to keep a visual appearance of health and vitality by the unknown Alliance of species in their sector of space. Each member was treated at the local Medical Facility and Task Force ships. Medical records showed that they were all found with a variety of issues, stimming from both birth defects to medical testing of all sorts. Star Fleet and Romulan Medical were able to treat and cure approximately 97% with 3% being truly life threatening.

Further investigations by the leading Task Force in the Neutral Zone, comprised of both Star Fleet and Romulan personal, found multiple Nygnus located in various areas of space, planets, and satellite bodies. But only the Nygnu people found on Kabel III are the only refugees found alive as of this far.

The species is found to be a humanoid species with a variety of attributes, both physical and mental in which are still being studied by Star Fleet Medical. So far, the species is known to have textured skin with natural pale spots in lines around their eyes, nose and mouth, similar to birth marks.

Additionally, they have vertical pupils in which are known for Vertical-slit pupils. In which are most common among nocturnal predators that ambush their prey, according to research. Further studies are required, but thus far, the vertical-slit pupils could assist in enhanced depth gauging and maximize blur for horizontal lines, taking advantage of fuzziness of objects behind and in front of the spot on which they are focusing on. The negative effects is that the Nygnu eyes are highly sensitive to light.