Lieutenant JG Bertram 'Bert' Engels

Name Bertram 'Bert' Moishe Engels Jr.

Position Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 159 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Bert is a tall and lanky man with long arms and long legs, slightly angular features and a kind face. His bearing is gentle and unperturbed even when moderating heated conversations. He speaks with a light Germanic burr to his voice, laughs often and has a tendency to speak with his hands. Having been raised with the understanding that hard work equals character, Bert is healthy and fit, even if he's all sinew.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Bertram Engels, Sr
Mother Ina Rosstein-Engels
Brother(s) Herschel Engels
Sister(s) Rosalee Loa
Other Family Liam Rosstein - Uncle
Loa Tauren - Brother in Law
Loa Moira - Niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview It's very easy to underestimate Bert. He's a little awkward and gentle, appearing to wear his heart on his sleeve and his viewpoints purposefully positive. He's a self-proclaimed pacifist which leads to mistakenly thinking that he won't fight or isn't able to. He can and will, he just detests doing so except under the most dire of circumstances.

Bert is the best that he wishes to see in others. He leads by example. He bends over backwards to try and help. A good bit of the time this accomplishes nothing towards the goals that he set, but he doesn't give up. To give up would be to allow himself to fail the next person who needs him. He is a champion for the underdog, the defeated, the beat down and the very small. Children hold a very special place in the counselor's heart as they are learning now traits that they will carry with them when they are older.

Steadfast, true, long-suffering if need be, quiet, caring: these are all attributes that one can easily see about him upon first meeting him. The strength is the foundation that those good notions rest upon. Under all of that comes Bert's own troubles. Some years ago the man lost his faith after a running battle with his family over the life that he chose to lead. Living a life of service to others instead of to a place of power, choosing to leave Earth to work with a humanitarian relief effort, and lastly- most importantly- because of his sexual orientation which Bert keeps very much to himself. His older sister is the only member of his family that he has any contact with that could be called warm and friendly. She is his greatest confidant and his best friend.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Very quick to adapt; thinks well on his feet
-Is not afraid of getting his hands dirty sorting through crisis alongside fellow officers in the field
-Is actually rather handy with tools and small repairs
-Competent in triage and well versed in psychology

-Years later is still broken up over being swept aside by the mainstay of his family.
-Has a decidedly difficult time managing relations with races that are overtly violent.
-Willingly naive at times: the curse of a white knight in slightly dented armor
-Absolute sucker for kids
Ambitions Bert is a very solitary person at this point in his life. He hopes to one day have a family with a husband and children someplace warm and wonderfully his.
Hobbies & Interests Carpentry: especially wood carving, listening to music, trying new types of teas, rock climbing, hiking, jogging, camping, fishing, canoeing

Personal History 'You live and you learn' might is much better said as 'you try, you fail, you learn, you try again from a new angle'. Ever since Bert was a child growing up in a very closeknit German ghetto tucked inside New York, Bert was always a problem solver. His mother viewed this as a sign of brilliance and enrolled him in music classes, hoping that he'd be the next big composer. His father, on the other hand, thought that he should be a doctor and make them both fabulously well off later in life.

As the oldest son he was responsible for them, his parents, and the star that they hung their hopes on. Everything that they pushed at him, sadly, he never succeeded in. Not sports, not music, not law, not debate. When they sent him to medical school he changed his major very quietly and took up psychology instead of internal medicine. And as if that wasn't enough, he interned at free clinics. At that point in time his wild oldest sister rebelling and marrying a non-human was the only thing that kept him out of hot water. Their intense fighting gave Bert a brief amount of time to discover more about himself and what he wanted, what he needed out of being a living, breathing person.

The answer came to him when an ethics professor started grilling him about why he chose psychology instead of psychiatry given his family's objections to his choice. He had explained that his draw to the field was in answer to an inner calling to help others. That giving of one's self for a day did nothing to alleviate what medicine couldn't touch. That teaching others how to find their own strength an carry on was the way that wars were truly won and lives were truly saved. The professor wrote him a lovely letter of support to a humanitarian aid group that was planning a trip out to Bajor and the surrounding areas offering help to those cluster pockets still reeling from the Cardassian Occupation.

Against his parents wishes Bert left- which was the most life changing thing that he had ever done. Everything that he had ever studied couldn't prepare him for the raw beauty and brutality of crisis counseling. The strength found in mothers who sacrificed of themselves to protect their children. The soul-wrenching despair of trying to reconnect families who were so broken that there was little commonality left to each other, much less anything resembling humanity. Bert gave three years of his life to helping the Bajoran people before finally returning to Earth a changed man.

That change wasn't welcome. Without Rosalee to continue running interference for Bert (as she was ousted for her marriage and- shame of shames- bringing a halfbreed child into the world) every miniscule detail of his life became subject to scrutiny. Anything objectionable was drug out very publicly into the community, their synagogue, his school- at which point Bert chose to walk away and applied to Starfleet.

There, Bert once again found the privacy that he required despite the tests, the drills, the communal living where every ounce of space and every personal detail was shared with anyone at the drop of a hat on command. He thrived not only in an environment that supported wholeheartedly his ideals. Rather than focusing on counseling, Bert found himself redirected towards applying his trade and turning his focus towards diplomacy in the hopes of furthering peace to the best of his abilities.
Service Record 2354: Born in Manhattan, NY, Earth
2371: Accepted into Brown - Master of Science Psychology, BA sociology
2381: Left for Bajor
2384: Returned to Earth
2385: Joined Starfleet
2391: Graduated Starfleet with citation for previous service benefiting the Federation
2392: Assigned to USS Gladiator