Emmah [Kavi]

Name Emmah [Kavi]


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Hologram

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Emmah was programmed as a red headed bajoran, but after being stolen from the Phantom Core before it's destruction and encountering new influences she chose a skin in which she is a blond human, with a partially shaved head and several tattoos, as she felt she would fit in better with the new world. Upon return to Gladiator, she decided to keep her new appearance as the remaining crew already had a difficult time accepting her previous appearance.


Father Creator - Khelev ch'Koro
Brother(s) Elian Former ETCH- Destroyed
Other Family Mentor - David Hawkins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emmah was programmed to have a better bedside manor than previous EMH's. As part of the Phantom Project she was left active permanently and allowed to develop and be adjusted. She tends to come off as innocent at times, but always concerned for someones safety. She can often be confused by human interaction.

After the destruction of the Phantom Core and time spent among merchants on the hunt, she has learned about a darker side in the universe, but her strong moral code still guides her every moment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:
+ Quick thinking
+ Compassionate
+ Expert in medicine
+ Always learning
+ Stubborn

- Naive/innocent at times.
- Stubborn
Ambitions Original programming left her with only to be an excellent doctor, but after the destruction of the Phantom Core, her programing did its work and advanced her, allowing her to explore other avenues of career. For now she accepted the offer to operate as a Command AI for the USS Gladiator. Now she desires to obtain sentient status and become a federation citizen with her own mobile emitter.
Hobbies & Interests Medicine, cultural history, body art, music, Intelligence.

Personal History Emmah was the first program developed in the Phantom Computer core on the USS Gladiator, personally developed by Khelev ch'Koro. In her tenure, she has filled in as CMO several times, and can function as such if needed, but when a CMO is assigned to the ship, she defaults to a staff doctor, and operates as a member of the medical staff.

She spent most of the first year of her life filling in as CMO or acting as a member of the staff. When the ETCH program, named Elian was sabotaged and the program took over the ship Emmah worked behind the scenes to save and free the tormented members of the crew. Before the destruction of the Phantom Core, Khelev ch'Koro transferred her program to another computer core that was large enough to save just her program. Knowing Starfleet would tear her apart, when Khelev was placed on administrative leave as the scape goat for the Phantom Core failure he took Emmah with him.

When she woke up she was on a merchant ship owned by ch'koro's brother, and joined the band to hunt down enemys of the family. Upon ch'Koros return to the USS Gladiator Emmah requested of the Captain that she be reinstated as a crewman on the ship.

Service Record EMH - USS Gladiator 2390
Medic - Merchant ship 2390
Command AI - USS Gladiator 2391

Cannon notations: Current game year 2391

Reference from Memory Beta's summary of the Star Trek Online authorized novels. In 2389, Starfleet was trying to get the Doctor's holoemitter for research and JAG was still considering whether or not he is a 'person.' It also says that by 2395, the Doctor is commissioned in Starfleet as a Lieutenant Commander, so I think we're supposed to assume that sometime between 2389 and 2395, JAG rules in favor of the Doctor.

The command crew agrees that knowing there is an existence of emitters and having limited information about them would develop a drive to create them, and Emmah has one of the first limited prototypes.

They also agree, that Emmah's application for citizenship is filed along side of the Doctors, and that some points before 2395 he will be granted citizenship, a that must happen before commissioning which also happens before 2395.