Lieutenant Lucius Scipio

Name Lucius Cornelius Scipio Minor

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Magna Roman
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color black with traces of gray
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description His left hand and leg are synthetic. He has a tattoo of Apollo head with crown of sun rays on his right bicep (from his wild youth). His hair is kept short and a trimmed beard also assaulted by pesky gray hairs wraps around his chin.


Spouse Ens. Aislin Scipia (assimilated, current fate unknown)
Children Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio, 28
Father Lucius Cornelius Scipio Major, 89
Mother Cassia Scipia (deceased)
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Aislin Scipia, 10 - granddaughter

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucius is a man driven by his passions. His obsessions can have a life of their own to the detriment of everything else. He still mourns the loss of his wife, becoming victim of nightmares. He has become a bit eccentric over the years that he can be a bit odd. He can be quiet and has a rather sarcastic wit that can get him into trouble. As a physician, he believes the sick and wounded, regardless whom they maybe, should be treated regardless of whom they maybe. This has caused friction before.
Strengths & Weaknesses His devotion to his patients can be above and beyond to the point his superiors have to rein him in. He is honorable and loyal to what he believes in. He is a humanitarian, empathetic to the plight of downtrodden.

His grief had left him broken, led by obsessions, that had left him practically alone, even in a full room. He can be fixated on the Borg, his biggest and most dangerous obsession. He can be insubordinate, having little problem voicing his opinion, which is why after 30 years, he isn't commanding his own ship by now.

During his 5 year deep space mission, he had seen many new things which is both a blessing and a curse depending on the moment. He can be insightful with information or pompous about having this experience.
Ambitions Finding his wife and eradication of the Borg
Hobbies & Interests Borg Research
Roman history
'Human' Rights advocate
Classical music (Earth classic rock and roll intrigues him)

Personal History Lucius was born in the city of Lutetia Parisiorum; the 102nd generation since his famed ancestor conquered Carthage. This reminder of the family's prestige was always present in every detail during his upbringing. His father had been a soldier, a senator and elected to Consul four times. His mother belonged to another patrician family that could trace their roots to the founding of Rome.

Even under the Republic - Empire had gone under reformation a few decades after Kirk's arrival - Lucius had lived a rather luxurious existence. His family had property scattered all over Magna Roma and he was often accompanied by an entourage of servants to one place or another. In his late teens, he could be the spoiled rich kid but this phase was short lived. His father expected much much more.

His father expected him to serve in the Legion - a stepping stone to eventual high office of senator. He had done so as did his father and his before him and on and on. Lucius, however, had no intention of being a warrior politician. It had been a very tense time in the household, even as their world joined the Federation. His father had been against it while young Lucius had been a proponent for membership. Another thorn among father and son.

Lucius had become a medicus and was a resident in one of Rome's principal hospitals. He met his future wife, Aislin, while working there. She of Celtic ancestry with flowing scarlet hair was another battleground with the warrior senator. His father had attempted, through tradition, to marry Lucius to one of the patrician families. Lucius, was having none of this and would marry his redhaired sweetheart in spite of his family's misgivings.

Perhaps due to such strong attempts to keep the past alive, Lucius and his bride joined Starfleet in an attempt to move pass such old prejudices. There was more to life than being a Roman or Celt when they were absorbed by Vulcan, Andorians, Tellarites and many other species that were unique in their own way.

They served on the aged Starship Centurion, an all Magna Roman crew in 2364. There were the traditionalists but also the progressives which made this tour an interesting time. His captain was eventually court martialed - being a traditionalist in the most extreme way and ally of Lucius' father. Lucius did come to terms with his heritage but seeing his father's manipulations first hand on a vessel light years from home had been the last straw. When his father finally stepped down from the Senate under a dark cloud, it was to be Lucius' cousin to take up the seat instead of him.

Galactic events brought personal tragedy when the Roman couple, now stationed on a more diverse crewed USS Kyushi, encountered the Borg at Wolf 359. The starship was badly damaged during the engagement and was more a dead husk than a vibrant extension of Federation power. Lucius had been critically wounded, losing his left hand and leg. Aislin's fate was far worse. Though many of the crew were killed or wounded - as was the case for Lucius - there were some that were assimilated by the few drones that boarded. Aislen was listed as missing and was not until five years later that she was finally declared a drone of the Borg from classified Section 31 evidence.

They had a child, Gnaeus, who was on their homeworld cared by his maternal grandparents, as he participated in a Young Romans League event. Gnaeus had his mother's red hair, a poignant reminder of what was forever gone.

Lucius attempted to get involved in any research on Borg reintegration even as the prospect of finding his wife among the countless stars was beyond minimal. It became his obsession and for a time he was stationed on Starbase 173 which was conducting such experiments.

He transferred to the USS Olympia for a five year deep space exploration mission. With a small crew, he was chief medical officer, a position he had mostly passed on during his Starfleet career because such responsibilities impacted on his Borg research. It was a defining moment that after all this time - over 30 years - the quest for Aislin was flickering out.

After Olympia's return and a short visit with his adult son and his family on Magna Roma (his son had become senator, championing forward thinking ideas), he was assigned to the USS Gladiator. The irony of the name did not slip pass him.
Service Record USS Centurion - All Magna Roman crewed vessel
USS Kyushi
Starbase 173
USS Cairo
USS Olympia
USS Gladiator-A