Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi]

Name Tayla d'Jax [Kavi]

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Hair Color Rich Brown with tints of red.
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tayla is not very tall, nor too thin, but she is fit. She had light brown spots in a typical trill pattern. Her eyes are bright and knowing, and smile typically bright. With an eccentric taste in clothes, her style is typically somewhat whimsical.


Father Linnon Garis
Mother Banya Garis
Sister(s) Laris, Nomi, Grata, Jaxiz, Mana

Personality & Traits

General Overview Personality: Tayla always had a fascination with strategy and tactics from a young age, always good with puzzles and strategy games. Because of this, she is always looking for the angle, trying to figure out what someone truly wants. She is prone to frustration when her plans do not work, and she tends to lose her temper when plans are changed on her. Her work and world is based off of knowing what the variables are, and when they change her without warning, she gets frustrated. Once she gets focused though she will find the right angle and go after the situation with gumption.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Driven
+ High sense of justice

-Easily frustrated
-Too driven

Personal History Tayla:

Born the youngest of six girls Tayla had been an accidental child, and the runt of the pack. Her sisters were already invested in their own little world by the time Tayla came around, leaving Tayla feeling like she had to catch up, and prove herself. With intelligent children, her parents pushed Tayla, and many times forgot how young she was. Forever competing with her sisters for excelling in academics, Tayla tended to figure out the easiest way to get the grades to please her parents and remain under the radar, and yet she was trying to get their attention. Often forgotten about, as an afterthought to her excelling older sisters Tayla plowed her own way through life, which led her to look for other avenues of higher education. The route she was most attracted to was Starfleet, and she began to take prerequisite courses at the age 17 with the aim to be accepted in the academy.

Her plans changed when her parents signed her up to be interviewed by the symbiont commission. They hadn’t invested so much time in her in years so Tayla did as they wished and went to the interview. After meeting with the recruiter she found herself being actively wooed by them. She had a lot of the markers they were looking for in new candidates, and with the pressure of her parents and the commission she eventually agreed to join. At first she was half hearted about it, but the more she learned, and the more she thought that maybe for once her parents had the right idea about her life, though Tayla was loath to admit it.

The further into the testing she got, the more she was worried she’d never make it, the competition was thick. She started to talk to Starfleet recruiters again, and between studies started to do course work again, studying tactics. She was determined to have a backup plan.

Much to her surprise when she was 21 she was accepted to receive a symbiont, d’Jax. After joining she was quickly accepted into starfleet. With the added experiences of the symbiont Tayla found herself understanding strategy even more than she had before. Despite alway having had her own sort of drive to live her own live, d’Jax added more drive to her personality, but with it came a temperament that was easily frustrated when her drive was not satisfied.

During her years in the academy she worked hard for every grade, but in her freshman year one of her grades did not meet her expectations, and she got into with with the professor, who did not take kindly to her manor of disagreement. She became labeled as a difficult student, and it caused her to drive harder to prove herself, and fight for every grade, her sense of justice rose to every occasion. She graduated slightly above average, losing all the credit she had gained, in being joined, from her parents, who had expected her to graduate with high honors.

Her first assignment had been on the USS Messiah in the tactical department. She worked closely with the noncom with a lot of experience, for two years, at the rank of Ensign. Her senior officer was pleased with her work and drive to learn, and put her up for promotion to Lt. JG. She was 27 and eager to keep performing. After three years she was moved up to to the assistant chief position. She was stationed along the Federation and Romulan border, and encountered several skirmishes, in which she put her skills to use, and gave her opportunities to shine, as well as a promotion to Lieutenant. At age 32 she was offered a position on the soon to be re-commissioned USS Resolute, with a rank of Lt. Commander. She accepted and became the Chief Security/Tactical officer, with the ability to step into the XO position if needed.

The USS Resolute was sent on an undercover op, and Tayla spent nearly a year in contact with the criminal organization called COIL, in an attempts to infiltrate. When the Resolute was brought in to the operation she and her partner John Hayter were the primary contacts. When things went sideways a young member of their team was caught in crossfire, and lost his life. Both Tayla and Hayter were nearly caught by COIL, and disavowed by their team on the Resolute. As a result of nearly losing the operation, and the loss of life that was accrued both nearly lost their careers. With the help of Commodore David Hawkins they ended up with a demotion for each and a reassignment, far away from the operation area. Tayla, blaming Hayter for the errors in the ops, begrudgingly accepted the demotion, only because it salvaged her career at least a little. To her dismay Hayter was also assigned to to the new ship, the USS Sentinel, where Tayla would take over as Chief of security at the rank of Lieutenant.

d’Jax has had four previous hosts, and as such still considered rather young symbiont.

Brenox d’Jax.

Brenox d’Jax was the first host, and had a keen scientific mind. He was already an accomplished chemist by the time he was joined to to d’Jax. He is where d’Jax gained such a driven personality. There was nothing Brenox could not accomplish when he put his mind to it, and before his death he held three high degrees, and was a teacher to some of the best up and coming scientific minds on trill.

Halib d’Jax
Halib was an artist by trade, but a mother at heart. She spent her days creating contemporary art that made the mind think about how she managed to pull off the art piece. Joining with d’Jax helped her to excel more at her career, and she was always remembered. Her eccentric sense of style and creativity, as well as compassion lived on in d’Jax.

Ledrixa d’Jax

Ledrixa was a warrior from the start. She was a passionate woman who stood for justice, and was ready for any fight. After finishing her law degree she left the trill homeworld, a sense of adventure driving her to discover and fight for intergalactic law. With the creative nature of d’Jax’s previous hosts she became a clever problem solver. She was well known for her passion and fight, and bravery. She could stare down warriors and wasn’t afraid if the battle came to blows. Sadly this made her a number of enemies, and she was found murdered well before her time was up. The Symbiont survived, but just barely, it was good fortune that she was killed where she was, as there was an unjoined trill not far away. .

Carreb d’Jax

Carreb was enlisted in starfleet, and a far gentler soul than Ledrixa. He was a family man with a flare for engineering. Had had gone through the joining selection, but lost out only because there had not been enough symbionts ready for joining. He was put into a waiting pattern, so he left trill, not wanting to wait around for something that may never come. He married a betazoid woman, and had two children with her before joining. Being called upon for an emergency joining had been a difficult choice, but his wife knew it could happen eventually.

The transition was difficult for him, having already been married, with a solid career, and children, and not among trills Carreb went through a rough period in which he had to take along leave and move his family back to trill for some help. Once stable, he returned to starfleet, and continued his career until retirement. In that time he had three more children with his wife, and the added traits from d’Jax helped him to become a far better leader than he already had been. His new creative bent helped him design several bits of technology which is now used throughout the galaxy, as he got older some of the negative traits from d’Jax began to show themselves more. He became more easily annoyed when he felt that justice was not being served. He picked fights, he grew frustrated when his designs did not work and the need for creativity was not being satisfied. Carreb had a 15 year period in which he was unstable, and dissatisfied with life, before he was willing to admit he needed more help. Come to find out there was a chemical imbalance between him and d’Jax, once corrected he stabilized and lived a much happier life until his natural death, after which Tayla was selected to take over as host.