Lieutenant JG Bastian Mann

Name Bastian Mann

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 215
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Bastian is a rather tall and lean man, although muscular. He has been told he has a “baby face” by mostly everyone. He has no tattoos, however, after this current stint under cover, has several scars on his arms and torso. Due to this, he is usually wearing long sleeves.


Father Olis Mann
Mother Riley Shiva-Mann

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bastian, once, was a hard charging fleet officer. He trusted most people, as he had never really had a reason not too. He grew up in a well to do family, so he always had money to get what he wanted.

After being “left” by the federation on Lotus Major, his demeanor changed. Becoming more hardened by the experience, he lost his trust in people. Bastian did what he needed to survive, completely changing himself in the process.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+Very proficient with weapons, most notably fire arms
+Great interrogation skills, although tactics are not federation standard
+Able to change demeanor, voice patterns, and even walking habits

-Alcohol is a major issue as that can inflame his temper
-Can have violent tendencies.
Ambitions To live

Personal History Bastian grew up in the household of billionaires. His father is businessman who helped start The OM Group, a monopoly of Scientists who have made several breakthroughs in molecular science. His mother was one such scientist, who is renowned for her own breakthroughs in the field. Once Bastian was born, they both decided that one child was enough.

Growing up in a life of luxury jaded Bastian, while giving him a leg up in life. Most of the people he had met were always nice to him as well as never lied to him due to his family stature. His early teens years brought about a string of drug offences, but he was never tried for them because of his family stature.
When he was of age, instead of going off to a prestigious school, he opted to join Starfleet. His parents, in a state of shock, cut him off for two years while he was in school. Once his family realized that they missed him, he was brought back into the fold.

While he was in school, it was noticed that Bastian had a good niche in the dramatics. His ability to be able to change his voice sound, pattern, and his own body mechanics, made him a target for the intel community. Once he got through his studies, Bastian spent a few more years learning his craft with firearms, code breaking, and infiltration.

Bastian was eventually sent to Lotus Major as a part of a massive infiltration op against the War Lords. Eventually, Bastian never heard from his contact again, being forgotten and left to fend for himself. He did what he had to to survive, eventually losing site of himself and who he was. He has now officially been on planet for 8 years.