Lieutenant JG Alexander Percival

Name Alexander Lawrence Percival M.D.

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid/Catullan
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 170
Hair Color Sunkissed brown
Eye Color Dark blue
Physical Description Alexander is of middling height and slim. His eyes are his most defining feature, having a, striking starlike pattern of blues within the iris. He prefers to wear his hair short, as it has the tendency to curl when it is longer.

A scar runs the length of his chest, cutting from left shoulder to right hip. There is a deeper pit at the hip and at the collarbone He walks with a slight limp on the right side from that injury.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr. Laurence Percival PhD. (Adopted)
Mother Yolande Percival nee Marik (Adopted)
Brother(s) Andrew Percival 27
Elliot Percival- 24
Henry Percival- 21 Incarcerated
Sister(s) Elisa Percival-8

Personality & Traits

General Overview A quiet and studious man, who's passion for medicine is rivaled only by his passion for research. As a young boy, he liked to cut the stems from plants and plant them in his room, so that greenery could surround him. He’s a quiet, gentle man unless necessity indicates he needs to be otherwise.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Observant
+Inspires trust

-Fearful of abandonment
-Hates injustice
-Terrible shot
Ambitions +To research or discover something that makes him 'immortal' in the eyes of Medicine
+To have a family of his own
+To retire to Betazed and have a small completely self sufficient home of his own.
Hobbies & Interests +Ancient Medical Techniques
+Plants and herbs
+Fish- multiple aquariums
+Scuba diving
+People watching and cultural observation

Personal History Alexander was found as an infant high in the Loneel Mountains of Betazed, nothing is known of his birth parents except a vague image within the infant's mind of bright blue hair. He remembered his mother loved him, but was afraid and so he left him in the mountains beside a sensor matrix that the University of Betazed used. His birth mother intended him to be found, and mere hours later he was found by a student Elia who was curious as to why her readings were so off from the previous day.

Elia brought the newborn back to the University to her professor Dr. Lawrence Percival Ph.D.. The baby was scanned and genotyped to determine his background and then Dr. Percival who was quite taken by the cornflower eyed boy, decided that he and his wife had been waiting long enough to start a family and adopted him. Yolande was the Human ambassador to Betazed, who took their son back to the Ambassadorial compound. He grew up in diplomatic functions, reading the body language and surface thoughts of many an ambassador.

He was never curious being brought up on Betazed as to why he had full telepathic abilities, given that it was known that his birth-mother was not Betazoid but Catullan.

When he went off to Starfleet Medical school, he was celebrated by both parents but his youngest brother was terribly jealous of the extra attention that he got. Not knowing that he was abusing illegal substances- Alex allowed Henry to visit him at the Academy in his final year. Henry attacked him, and attempted to kill him. He would have succeeded had Alex's roommate not come home to find him bleeding profusely from several stab wounds. He took his boards from sickbay, and his cadet cruise aboard the Hermes was nearly curtailed because of his injuries. He has never fully recovered from his brother trying to kill him.

Service Record USS Hermes: Cadet Cruise
USS Arapaho: Surgical Assistant
Starbase 75: Medical Officer
USS Kaliph: Medical Officer/Surgeon
Bethel Colony: Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Gladiator: Chief Medical Officer