Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich

Name Karbainov Lavrentiy Gennadiyevich Ph.D

Position Marine Detachment Commander

Rank Major


  • 25 Mission Posts

Last Post

Mon Jun 24th, 2019 @ 8:35am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El-Aurian
Age 137 (Apears 25)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 210
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Central European characteristics, brown hair, brown eyes. Well built and muscular, but not overly so.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vladmir Gennadiyevich
Mother Ula Gennadiyevich
Brother(s) 6 Brothers
Other Family Large, tight knit family spread through the reaches of the UFP

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite his stoic exterior Karbainov Lavrentiy Gennadiyevich is quite a gregarious person, loud, and even charismatic when the time calls for it.

He is a avid student of history, and seeks to apply it in his current role as a Marine.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths include tactical and strategic planning, personell development and mentorship.

Due to his long life span he is very paitent person, not tending to give himself timelines to work with.

Weaknesses include bullheadedness and a tendency to work oneself to exhaustion.

His lack of urgency can sometimes get himself into trouble.
Ambitions Continue his studies of warfare and finish writing his books on various related subjects.
Continue to master his chosen Martial Art forms.
Qualify to Command a Starship.
Hobbies & Interests Military History specifically but not limited too, Terran WW2 history, Andorian and Klingon military history.
Martial Arts specifically but not limited too, Krav Maga, Systema and Judo
Weapons specifically but not limited too, Viking Axes, Terran slugthrower weapons, and current SMC explosives
Geology especially Civil and Military Engineering application of.

Personal History “A Peaceful Start”

Born in 2340 to Vladmir Gennadiyevich and Ula Gennadiyevich outside Moscow on a rural farm shared with his extended family. Karbainov Lavrentiy Gennadiyevich grew up with his three older and three younger brothers and numerous cousins, always fascinated by his father’s stories of Vikings, the Great Patriotic War, and military history in general. His mother prefered to nurture his interest in the outdoors and nature, encouraging his involvement in the Venture Scouts at an early age.

Coming from a large family there was always someone to get into trouble with, always someone to share the adventure, and the resulting punishment with. Although close with his family he always felt called elsewhere, and, listening to his mother the followed his heart.

“Builder and Destroyer”

He followed in his father’s footsteps and was the only one to leave the farm when he came of age, attending Moscow Polytechnic where his father taught Military Science. His curiosity turned into a side passion that lead him to double major, Military Science and Civil Engineering.

During his time at the Polytechnic he attracted the attention of a Marine Corps recruiter, and the promise of adventure, and an even larger family appealed to him greatly, with his father’s blessing he left the motherland and joined Starfleet.

The training at Quantico Military Base was intense, but rewarding. Having an innate ability to read the lay of the land, honed by a knowledge of geology and the way people move through it he became an exceptional Infantry candidate. With the Commandant's permission he was allowed to Minor in Starship Tactical through the local Starfleet Academy extension.

“Warrior Monk”

After his commissioning his academic studies continued with an assignment to the Frunze Military Academy back in Moscow, catching up with his family was great, but with his new goals and aspirations it seemed different to him. The pastoral nature of his family and the intensity and chaos of his new way of life clashed. This is something he is still trying reconcile.

“Those who can’t do, teach.”

After finishing an extensive session of studies in Military Science and History including his Doctorate. He returned to Quantico to train new Marines. After two years of training Marines in basic fieldcraft he was challenged by a young recruit who challenged his knowledge base on field tactics if he had never been in the field. He almost immediately put in for a transfer to a field command, which after much persuasion and a short psychological warfare episode, was granted by the Commandant.

“Into the fire.”

His first posting to the Saber Class starship the USS John. M. Gamble opened his eyes to the possibilities of what he could do with his career. The small ship on anti piracy patrols gave his small team plenty of action, stopping Orion Pirates and the occasional rouge Cardassian. Always looking for the next ‘hot spot’ Karbainov has traveled from assignment to assignment a path that now takes him to the USS Gladiator.
Service Record Born: Russian Federation
Attended Primary and Secondary Schools in Moscow.
Attended Moscow Polytechnic; Double Major in Civil Engineering and Military Science
Marine Corps Officer Program, Quantico Military Base, Focus Infantry, Minor in Starship Tactical through Starfleet Academy Extension
Commissioned as 2nd Lt.
Advanced Individual Tactical Training-Infantry, Quantico Military Base
Attended Frunze Military Academy, Masters Programs in Military Science, Military History, Doctoral Program in Mililitary History
Assigned to Marine Corps Training Command, Infantry Tactics Instructor, Quantico Military Base
Assigned to USS John M. Gamble, Marine Commanding Officer, 'Scorpion' Detatchment
Promoted to 1st Lt.
Assigned to Starbase 12, Company Executive Officer 'Abu' Company, 182nd Marine Battallion
Promoted to Captain
Assigned to Galora Core Colony Garrison as Marine Commanding Officer
Assigned to USS Gladiator, Marine Commanding Officer