Ayel Merek

Name Ayel Merek

Position Romulan Liaison


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 49kg
Hair Color Long, black, tied in a ponytail
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ayel is a gymnast. He has a very lithe, yet muscular form built for quick movements over any terrain. He stands at a decent height, but usually dresses in such a way to hide his build.


Spouse Single and loving it
Father Matir Merek
Mother Tikena Merek
Brother(s) Two brothers, Ditax and Litem

Personality & Traits

General Overview In many ways, Merek is the quintessential Romulan. He is irritable, defensive, quick to anger, and grumbling even when things are going well. Unlike his Vulcan cousins, Merek doesn’t have a great deal of control over his anger. He tries to listen to D’Tan’s teachings and find a more functional balance, but every time a ‘Federation’ opens their mouth to ‘tell him what to do’ or ‘condescend’ to him, he instantly switches to a defensive mindset.

Merek despises almost everything Federation, especially Vulcan. He doesn’t consider himself a xenophobe, he’ll mention his views on Remans when cornered on the subject, but he sees the Federation as a ‘softening’ of personal drive. He sees the safety nets, welfare, and civil liberties of the Federation as a protecting those who don’t deserve the protection.

The only time Merek bites his lip is when he’s on duty. At that point, his job becomes more important than anything else and it takes a lot to break him out of his task. As long as that task doesn’t involve attempts to socialize, he can cooperate with others long enough to finish the goal.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Jack of All Trades
+Expert in Cloaking Technology
+Fluent in Romulan and Reman
+Above average athletic ability

-Arrogant, Self-Absorbed
Ambitions Merek just wants things to go back to the way they were. Back to when things made sense. When he could walk the streets of Romulus, chat up the cute guy at the Travit Steak stand, and continue his study to join a once noble organization...

To put it simply: Merek finds himself too lost to think about the long term. He simply strives to get through each day and get one step closer to some imagined ‘better future’ for himself and for all other Romulans.
Hobbies & Interests The best way to get Merek in a good mood is to get him in the holosuite. Rock Climbing, Free Running, Obstacle Courses, anything that tests his dexterity and keeps him active. Spending so much time in the sidestreets of Romulus when he was young and thriving in his lessons at the Academy, running and jumping reminds him of simpler, happier times.

Personal History Merek was born and raised on Romulus in the Trikar Province. He grew up in a well off residential complex quite literally in the shadow of the looming Learning Center. Merek had never been a good student. He bounced from class to class, focus moving as rapidly as the stars above.

By the time Merek graduated, he’d joined and left every extracurricular available to him, retaining some of the skills he learned in each. His grades were good, but not great, but the ability to take on so many subjects at once caught the eye of his professors, elevating him to further study in an Advanced program. One that was usually a prelude to joining the Tal’Shiar.

Ayel, at this point, had lost interest completely in his classes. He sought to do the bare minimum in each to maintain his grades, but devoted the rest of his time to athleticism and to visiting sites around the city. He made friends with many of the locals and got more involved with more than a few of the other men on the various sports teams.

When Hobus came, Merek’s family wasn’t slated to leave for another week after the supernova began. There wasn’t room on the ships. Ayel was only saved by the kindness, or perhaps better worded as scheming, of a Tal’Shiar recruiter spiriting him away on a Warbird.

As far as Merek is aware, both of his brothers and both of his parents died when Hobus struck.

Merek had never been close with his family. They were simply the people he lived with. But still, the loss of everything he had known was crippling to his psyche. As the warbird went to rendevouz with the rest of the Fleet, Merek sat in his quarters, barely able to process what was happening.

When Sela seized power, Merek’s warbird was one of the few to turn around, escaping from her clutches. Eventually, it joined with D’Tan’s Republic and with it Merek met his new role model.

D’Tan’s ideas of reunification and cooperation didn’t appeal to Merek. What did was the hope of a New Romulus. One where he could finally restore what he’d lost. For this, Merek would fight tooth and nail for, spending four years on the frontlines and infiltrating Empire facilities.

When New Romulus was finally established, Merek almost instantly screwed it up. He was positioned to help with planetary defenses incase of an Imperial attack. The Federation sent an officer to help, an Andorian male who Merek had found somewhat pleasant at first. But, as they disagreed over even the smallest things, down to which color to make the uniforms, their conflict came to a boil.

When Merek found the Andorian giving orders to the workers without him present, the proud Romulan lost it. He tackled the Andorian to the ground, punching him in the face. The two struggled for a good while before other officers worked up the courage to tear them apart.

Merek’s defense of his actions was laced in anti-Federation rhetoric, questioning if they had any place in Republic business and that he shouldn’t have to tolerate their presence. D’Tan found his insubordination intolerable and demoted him on the spot.

Soon after, Merek was transferred away from New Romulus and to a new system. One where he’d be forced to reevaluate his views on other species and perhaps learn to get along better with them.
Service Record 2363 - Born
2378 (15) - Graduated from the Basic Learning Center and moved onto the Advanced Learning Center.
2384 (21) - Moved to General Training
2387 (24) - Evacuated during Hobus Cataclysm
2388 (25) - Officially joins the Romulan Republic
2390 (27) - Promoted to Commander
2392 (29) - Placed in charge of New Romulus Defenses
2393 (30) - Demoted to Subcommander and reassigned.