Commander Mercia Kavi

Name Mercia Kavi

Position Project Refit Administrator

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 125
Hair Color Currently Blonde, Naturally brown, but often changes the color
Eye Color Icy Blue Grey
Physical Description Mercia is well fit, but not overly skinny. She is muscular and strong. Her bright blue eyes are often striking, but can also be cold as stone. She is proud of her appearance, and makes it rather obvious.


Spouse (Long term Relationship) Khelev ch'Koro
Children Moli Kavi - (adopted) (Half Human, half Moali) (Born to her sister Tali Tramar, and Mercia's ex Kanoa Timrot)
Father Unknown
Mother Molly Kavi (Dead)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Tali Tramar
Other Family Unknown
Krinta Tramar (Master - dead)
Considers Admiral Charles Grayson, and Mrs Lyla Mesi parental figures
Mentor: David Hawkins
Best friends: Vanora Stele
ex - boyfriend Lt. Noah Blackwood

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having been raised in a criminal environment Mercia often does what feels good or right in the moment. She had begun to learn to think first, but it is a weakness for her. Once she finds someone she can be loyal to nothing will shake her from it, and she is capable of killing to protect that person. Obtaining and maintaining good and healthy relationships is a challenge for Mercia since it was something never shown to her through example. She has began to observe better quality relationships and the desire for them has begun to grow.

Mercia needs high activity to keep herself calm and steady and stable, she can be found in a gym or holodeck every night to exhaust herself. When she can manage less physical activity she studies and reads. Her mind is always hungry for more education.

If there is one phrase that describes Mercia, its a party girl. She always seeks the party on shore leaves, and avoids starfleet bars. It is not beyond her to pick someone's pocket if she hates them enough. She runs for trouble because she likes fighting her way out of it. Skirting the edge of the law was always a thrill to her, and while that still comes up sometimes.

Mercia is well aware of what she is capable of due to the training of her childhood, but at times she embraces it, and other times she fears it.

She often has a facial expression best described as cold, stony and icy, but more often she smirks and has devilish grins on her face, like she is up to no good. It can never be said that Mercia is shy.

Durring her time on the Gladiator some maturity has grown in her, as her leadership skills have been heavily put to the test, and she has built close relationships with a few other crew members, there are moments she fights this idea of maturity, thinking of herself as boring, but the truth is more that she does not want to face what she was and fears what she is becoming. Being fully open to anyone terrifies her, and a very select few people truly know Mercia, and those she can count on one hand.

Mercia has a fairly warped sense of family because of her raising, but clearly desires to understand what family really means. She has begun to consider ch'Koro a permanent fixture in her life, and Stele a sister and best friend, while Admiral Grayson and Lyla Mesi as parents, she would like someone potentially to love, if she understood how to, and how to be loved. Khelev ch'Koro has helped her make strides towards that goal in 2393.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength -
+Fierce loyalty to those she deems worthy
+ Will do what it takes to live up to expectations

Weaknesses -
- Selfish
- Does what is fun without thinking it through
- Cocky
- Lack of self confidence
- Often cold
- Holds grudges
- Hot guys
- Can be motivated by fear
Ambitions Above all Mercia desires to be a success in whatever form that takes. She has never had dreams in her life other than to be free and have fun. Mercia is one to live life by the seat of her pants and hope for the best. She believes that dreaming for the future was a waste of time and a way to break your own heart, so why bother.

She has lived a life she feels is rather lonely, and is beginning to learn that a fulfilling life is not lived in such ways. She want to belong and be a part of a real family, to know and understand what it is to be loved.

Mercia would love to find and kill her mother and masters murder, but she has had little time for vengeance, however if given the chance, she would peruse it.
Hobbies & Interests Weapon collections

Personal History Born on untamed world, an outer colony called Loutus Major, to a slave Mercia had a difficult childhood. She lived on a planet far beyond the reach of the law and order of the federation, and so she never remembers a time of peace. Her mother was murdered when she was five years old due to a weapons deal that went bad between her master Tramar Krinta, and the dealer, Karvin Dualsi, leaving Mercia on her own, with Tramar and Molly both dead, her mother had done all she could to educate Mercia, and her intelligence caught the attention of one of the gang leaders who took her in and taught her to be a pickpocket and sympathy player. For 8 years Mercia grew up in the gangs tutelage.

Each day she spent time learning to fight, shoot, and steal, and around age eleven she became skilled at assassinations as well. At the age of thirteen, she was ordered by her gang leaders to kill the captain of a merchant ship who didn’t bend to their will. Mercia snuck on to the ship but the captain knew it was time to get off the rock because the gang was after him. She couldn’t get off in time and after a few days of hiding, she snuck in to the mans room at night and just as she was about to shoot him his wife stunned her. They had known she was there and had waited for her to make her move. Marcia woke up locked in a small, but comfortable room, the people offering to give her a new life, it was nothing she wanted. Marcia wanted nothing more than to return to her home and her family, but they refused to send her back, and after six months of them trying to change her violent behavior they allowed her to run away, while still offering her a better life. When she ran away and thieved her way through life, she was quickly caught, considering she was in a more civilized part of the universe.

Her defiance landed her on a federation penal colony, where she would be rehabilitated, it was estimated she was near 14 years of age. After a year of therapy and working she was getting no closer to getting out, she’d fallen in with the rougher groups sentenced there, and her team was growing more and more frustrated with her. The world they were taking away from her was the only would she knew, and the talking it out method just didn’t help her see a reason to change. Until the day she met Mister Grayson.

Mister Grayson was a Starfleet recruiter who specialized in wild youth. His job was to help the more unreasonable cases find a path in life. He talked to her like Mercias old gang leader, and she was attracted to his offers. She was released, with others like her in to his care and taken to an intensive training program. The structure of it, and ranking systems made sense to her. She found her body worn out enough and her mind hungry enough to study. She even began to accept the counseling from one counselor, a woman named Lyla, who had been a slave herself, rescued, and giving a new start and training by the New Life Foundation.

While most youth in the program went on to special ops or marines she decided to go a more studious route. She’d discovered a hunger for learning, and a way to integrate her skills, her strengths and interests. Eventually she found herself on a track, even at age 16, she was sponsored through her program and therefore able to join the academy early, and she went through in four years, although her grades were difficult to maintain. Mercia had managed to calm down her more wild tendencies, but she takes extra care in keeping all of her skills sharp, including those not as desirable by Starfleet, but those which had kept her alive through her raising.

Mercias first posting was on starbase 6, where she excelled at her new job. She began to enjoy life more, having had a path and satisfying job protecting other people, which had essentially been her job before. The structure kept her focused during thr day and the after hours she had fun or studied, life had purpose and enjoyment.

At age 24, she was promoted to lt. Jg , assigned to the USS Houlton, and made assistant chief security officer for ship, she was fortunate to be led by a couple of mentors who believed in her and hauled her up short when she got a little on the wild side.

Durring her years on the Houlton she went from a general security officer to assistant Chief of security.

On her 30th birthday her former Captain who was one of her mentors retired, and her former XO, took over as Captain. The first thing he did was order her reassignment, following a fling the two had had. She was left on Earth in Admiral Graysons hands for re assignment. While back on earth she took a command course for one year while Grayson looked for a new position for her. It took time for Admiral Grayson to find a good home for her. Mercia had a special place in his heart and he needed to find the right Captain for her.

He found David Hawkins, a Captain who was also looking for a second chance and after interviewing him decided he would be a good fit. Mercia was assigned as his Chief of Security with a promotion to Lt. Commander.

Wishing to help her grow as instructed by Grayson, Hawkins appointed Mercia the second XO, but when the Gladiators original First officer was removed due to sexual harassment Mercia was forced to step up and fill in until another XO could be found. Seeing the potential in Mercia, Hawkins did not request a new XO, but allowed Mercia to learn and grow in that position, giving her a field commission of Commander. Mercia shared her duties with the experimental holographic program Elian, the Emergency Tactical Command Hologram, part of the Phantom Command Project, that the Gladiator was tasked with exploring the command possibilities with. It gave her a bit of a break while she trained for the job.

Eventually the Phantom Command Project, failed and Mercia was left to be the full time First officer of the ship. The time was stressful for Mercia, and she nearly fell apart several times, but Hawkins mentoring and confidence in her, and the support of the other command officers helped her get through the time. Eventually when Hawkins was appointed the Task Group Commanding Officer, Mercia was placed in a positions to command missions on her own from time to time, while Hawkins remained aboard as back up support for her. She has made mistakes along the way, and at times it is questioned if it was a mistake to place her in such positions, but she had not lost her job yet, and she will fight to keep her position and to make those leaders most important to her proud.

In 2391 she was taken captive by COIL, a group of people who believed holigrams were evil, and who had had a hand in destroying the Phantom Command. They were not satisfied with the failure, and wanted it compleatly gone. They had come across a unknown sister of Mercia's through a weapons trade deal. Tali Tramar, had been raised by the wife of Mercias long dead Master, and had always blamed Molly and Mercia for taking her father from her. She was motivated to destroy Mercias life.

Tali was used by COIL to replace Mercia on the ship, by using experimental technology, dubbed a Mind Bridge. It acted like a hard drive, and would integrate with her mind. Mercia was on the other end, being forced to relive memories in order to give COIL more experience with the technology, but also to supply Tali with details she couldn't know. Eventually Tali was found out, when the Bridge began to fail, and caused brain damage, leaving Tali unsure of which person she was. Hawkins set the Gladiator on a course to rescue Mercia.

After her rescue she helped Admiral Grayson get the Memphis Island Academy (MIA) established. When the USS Gladiator was recommissioned Hawkins was convinced to return to duty, and Mercia returned as his XO, now facing new challenges in her life. Namely a daughter born from her now insane sister, care of said sister, and abandonment of the childs father. Mercia feels she is entering a new chapter of her life, with her work, and her family, and yet she still balks at maturity, or... at least tries to.
Service Record 2357 - Born
2362 - (5) Orphaned
2365 - (8) Made a black widow
2370 - (13) Failed assignment
2371 - (14) Arrested
2372 - (15) Recruited for the Project Refit Project
2376 - (19) Assigned Ensign in Security, Starbase Six
2381 - (24) Promoted to Lt. JG - assigned to USS Houlton
2383 - (26) Promoted to Full Lt. Security Team Leader
2386 - (29) Reassigned to Project Refit
2386 - (29)Starfleet Academy, Accelerated Command Course.
2387 - (30) Promoted to Lt. Commander, assigned to USS. Gladiator as Chief of Security
2390 - (30) assigned Temporary First Officer of USS Gladiator
2390 - (30) Promoted to Commander, officially assigned as First officer of USS Gladiator.
2391 - (31) Taken Captive by COIL, replaced by agent/twin Tali Tramar
2392 - (32) Rescued by crew of the Gladiator
2392 Late - (33) Recovery, and made Administrator of Memphis Island Academy, Adopted Moli
2393 - (33) Restored to XO of USS Gladiator