Crewman Recruit Kanson Pyder

Name Kanson Dale Pyder

Rank Crewman Recruit


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5"10'
Weight 131 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kanson has a tall, lanky, semi-muscular frame with long, callused fingers from a lifetime of climbing into places he shouldn't have been. His hair is a dark brown, messily kept, with sideburns running just past his earlobes. His features are somewhat gaunt and most people would consider him half-starved, though he prefers to stay at an unhealthy low weight to ensure he can move quickly while making as little noise as possible.

He's missing his ring finger on his left hand, courtesy of a Ferengi shopkeeper who caught him stealing food when he was 11 years old. Kanson also bears a centimeter-wide "X" branding just under his left eye from Nausican authorities, which identifies him as a thief in their culture. Most recently, Kanson has gained burns and various scars on his chest and back from electrocution and lacerations at the hands of a Tal Shiar interrogator.

Kanson's overall demeanor is very meek. He rarely looks anyone in the eyes when he speaks and on the odd occasion when he does choose to speak, it's usually in a quieted voice lacking any hint of confidence. Anytime he's addressing someone, he'll usually keep his hands in his back pockets, out of sight, and hang his head.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview As stated previously, Kanson Pyder is very shy and very awkward in even the most basic social situations. For the most part, he's a really nice guy and does his best to come across as friendly to everyone he meets. But an abusive childhood and life on the run has made him very apprehensive around most people. He prefers to spend his time alone, usually hidden away in places few people can reach. It's not uncommon for him to find a place to hide in a highly populated environment and draw strange things or people he considers fascinating in his sketch book.

Kanson never really connected with anyone in his life and as much as he would like to have friends, he simply has no idea how to go about making them. He has countless insecurities when it comes to dealing with people and the fact that he doesn't like to be touched makes things even more difficult. Given the harshness of his background, Kanson is very prone to escapism, whether through a holodeck, alcohol or just finding a place to hide and juggle his knives until he clears his mind.

Surprisingly, the only time Kanson ever does completely come out of his shell is around children. Given how horrible his childhood was, he feels compelled to be kind to children and bring a little joy into their lives. Being a child at heart himself, entertaining kids with sleight-of-hand magic tricks or playing his favorite game, hide and seek, comes naturally to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Before being taken into Federation custody, Kanson was a master thief. Most of his life was spent without other people even knowing he was in the same room as them. He is single-handedly responsible for pulling off some of the greatest heists in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. From priceless artifacts to precious jewels to untold amounts of money straight from the vaults of the banks he breached, Pyder's done just about every type of burglary and vanished without a trace. He has yet to encounter a security system he couldn't breach given the right tools and right amount of time. His reflexes and ability to stay concealed are phenomenal.

Combat is a mixed bag for Kanson. While he's an average marksman, he is physically weak and only prefers a fight where he can get the jump on his opponent if he must fight. Because of his lack of strength, he relies heavily on his stealth, speed and knife-work to take down combatants, but would much rather sneak passed them given the option.

Kanson Pyder suffers from severe Avoidant Personality Disorder. He means well, but when speaking with people he can't help but come off as weird or creepy to most people. Being around people is very awkward for him and it can be quite comical to watch him try to fit in with a group. Kanson is also easily manipulated by people he develops a fondness for. This has gotten him into trouble more than once. On top of being a socially inept introvert, Kanson prefers to pass his time with alcohol and the occasional recreational narcotic. Coming off a bender dulls his senses and skills for the next few days. His biggest physical addiction, however, are cigarettes. He chain smokes constantly to relieve his anxiety and as a result has to inject himself with heavy cough suppressants before a mission.
Ambitions One of Kanson Pyder's biggest problems is that he's never really had any ambition other than run away from his problems. His entire life, he's obediently carried out anything he was coerced into doing. He was bullied into a life of crime at a very young age and will do almost anything to avoid angering someone to the point of violence. Currently his biggest ambition is to honor his five year contract with Starfleet in exchange for his freedom and an official pardon for his criminal past. He's agreed not only to operate as an infiltration specialist (kept on a tight leash, so to speak) but also as a starbase security adviser. As a thief, his inside knowledge on how to breach secure areas is unparalleled, and he has no problem with sharing these secrets with Starfleet if it will get him closer to starting his life over again with a clean slate.
Hobbies & Interests One of Kanson's biggest hobbies is drawing things he finds interesting in his sketch book. He also enjoys hiding and watching how people interact with one another in public. He'll often daydream of being considered a normal person with a well adjusted social life, and uses what he secretly observes from people watching to appear as normal as possible. Having no formal combat training, Pyder learned to fight from martial arts holonovels, and is eager to learn anything that will increase his speed or teach him how to effectively get his opponents off balance. Though, he prefers to learn from holographic instructors rather than real ones. A lot less yelling that way...

Kanson is a big lover of animals, but never lived a stable enough life to keep one as a pet. He especially likes dogs and rarely goes anywhere without a few dog treats on him, just in case he meets one he can play with and teach new tricks to. Kanson also loves any kind of music new and old, regardless of genre. When he's alone and listening to music, he's no stranger to dancing like a complete moron.

Personal History Kanson Pyder is a living example of wasted potential. Abandoned by his mother an hour after his birth, he was left at the doorstep of an orphanage with a note reading "Kanson Dale Pyder." Shuffled from one child services center to another, Kanson learned at a really young age how to hide from bullies. Whenever he was found, he'd be beaten by older kids and forced to sneak into the kitchen to steal desert for the other orphans as well as find escape routes for kids who wanted to run away. Whenever Kanson was sent to a foster home, he'd quickly find a way to escape on account of the guardians being either borderline psychotic religious fanatics, pedophiles or abusive alcoholics. Every time he was caught and sent to a new home, he'd learn from his mistakes and his skills of stealth and evasion would increase.

The last time he ran away was at the age of 11. From then on he was successful in evading child services and quickly fell into street gang life when his talents became known. It was by no means a choice of his own, but yet again, Kanson was bullied into doing things he didn't want to do. It started off simple enough. Pickpocketing, shoplifting, easy burglaries, but it quickly got more complicated when they coerced him into stealing drugs from rival gangs. When other gangs would discover his talents, they would raid the safe house where Kanson was being held for the sole purpose of kidnapping him and coercing him to do jobs for their side. This went on well into his mid-teens until organized crime families took notice of his activities and brought him into the big leagues.

Kanson Pyder was responsible for casing, planning and carrying out some of the most daring heists in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. In the world of organized crime, Kanson was considered a golden goose, and the fact that he could be threatened into doing any job made it that much easier for crime syndicates to control. He became known as "Pyder the Spider" and robbed countless banks, art galleries and museums during his service to various crime families. After ten years of service, Kanson negotiated for his freedom from the families using the score from his greatest heist as a bargaining chip. The Vulcan yar-khush stone.

With his freedom from the crime syndicates purchased, Kanson wasted no time distancing himself as much from a life of crime as possible. He didn't know where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do, so he vowed to keep moving until he did. Only stealing enough to get by from people who could afford to lose it, Kanson found himself in Romulan space where he met someone who changed his life. Her name was Kai'li. A young Romulan antique store owner who met Kanson while he was browsing her shop. She found Kanson's strange mannerisms and demeanor to be quirky and cute.

The two love birds quickly hit it off and Kanson eagerly returned to his old ways, stealing expensive things to give her as gifts everyday. When Kai'li became suspicious of his gifts, Kanson was very upfront about his past as a professional thief. Expecting the worst reaction, he was shocked when she accepted him regardless with unconditional love. In an effort to help Kanson separate himself from his old life, Kai'li put him to work as a sales associate around her shop and taught him how to better communicate with customers to make sales. For a while, the two were happy but Kai'li had accumulated quite a bit of debt to get her antique store up and running. With the risk of losing her store very much a reality, she had to consider what the future held for her and Kanson.

She convinced Kanson that if he could pull off one last bank heist the couple would be set for life. She planted the seed that they could run off to get married and spend their honeymoon on Risa with enough money to start life anew. As apprehensive as Kanson was, he couldn't deny that he was head over heels in love with Kai'li, and was easily manipulated into agreeing to one last heist as a result. He meticulously planned the job for two months straight and made arrangements for a safe house and a dead drop for the money. The plan was to drop the money off at secret location and lay low separately for a while until things blew over. Unfortunately for Kanson, things didn't go as planned.

The heist itself went off without a hitch. Kanson managed to boost 200 million in untraceable credits straight from the bank's vault, but after bringing the money to the dead drop, word of the robbery hit the news feeds and it was discovered that the money stolen was intended to fund Tal Shiar operations across the Star Empire. The Tal Shiar began investigating immediately. Kai'li contacted Kanson and told him to wait for her at the safe house. She told him she'd collect the money and meet him at the rendezvous where they would go on to purchase transport off world. When Kanson arrived at the safe house, his life had taken a drastic turn for the worse. Kai'li wasn't there. She took the money and ran. To make matters even worse, she anonymously tipped off the authorities to cover her escape, leaving Kanson to walk into a safe house with a Tal Shiar snatch team waiting for him.

Kanson was violently detained and transported to a classified Tal Shiar interrogation facility where he spent the next month being tortured to give up the location of the money and his associates. If it had been anyone else, Kanson would have broke and told them everything after the first day of torture, but he still loved Kai'li even if she had sold him out and threw him to the wolves. He spent the next 32 days begging his Tal Shiar interrogators to kill him. With nothing left to lose and the torture climbing to a level he never knew possible, Kanson saw an opportunity to escape and took it. With the facility on full alert and nowhere to hide, Kanson vowed he'd turn his weapon on himself before being captured again. In his desperation to escape he killed three guards and took a shuttle pilot hostage.

With the Tal Shiar hot on his heels, Kanson ordered the pilot to cross The Neutral Zone, creating a tense political standoff between the Federation and the Star Empire. With five Starfleet battle-cruisers staring him down and cutting off any chance for escape, Kanson Pyder surrendered himself to Federation authorities. As soon as Starfleet Security officials positively identified him, Starfleet Intelligence took him into custody and fed the Romulans a story that he was killed upon resisting arrest. Intel offered Kanson a deal. Either spend the rest of his days serving 6 consecutive life sentences for all of his accumulated crimes or sign a five year contract with Starfleet and begin work as an infiltration specialist and security adviser. Upon completion of his contract he was promised his freedom as well as a full criminal pardon for his life of crime.

Kanson eagerly accepted the terms, but it came at a price. To ensure his cooperation, a small control device was surgically implanted at the base of his spine by Starfleet Medical. Failure to check in with Starfleet Security at regular intervals would activate the device and paralyze him from the waist down as well as emit a homing beacon. It can also be activated remotely from either the Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer, or the Chief Intelligence Officer.
Service Record Present Day - Tapped by Starfleet Intelligence for a five year contract as apart of his plea bargain.

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