Lieutenant Commander Gabriel "Archangel" Delling [ch'Koro]

Name Gabriel "Archangel" Delling [ch'Koro]

Position Flight Leader

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 1"
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue eyes
Physical Description Gabe has a medium build and is very well toned, he stands at Six feet and one inch has short blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He keeps himself clean shaven and well groomed.


Spouse Divorced from Raya McKnight
Children Marcus Delling (10)
Father John Delling
Mother Samantha Delling
Brother(s) Luke Delling, Kalin Delling (deceased)
Sister(s) Trisha Reese

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gabriel likes to be flashy and to show off, he’s strong willed. He has a very strong since of family and is very loyal.
Strengths & Weaknesses Gabe is very detail orientated, the down side is he tends to over analyze and can take too long to make a decision. He’s a skilled pilot and has a great since of family. He’s slow to trust and treats those close to him like family.
Hobbies & Interests Gabe enjoys playing cards, drinking and can often be found with a stogie at the bar. He loves to fly and if it has wings and engines he’ll give it a shot.

Personal History Gabriel was born in 2351, he was the first born son of John and Samantha on the merchant ship Azure Star. His father started as a pilot and had worked his way up to second mate, his mother was a gun hand that worked aboard. The two had met and fell in love on the ship and were eventually married by the captain. A year later Gabriel’s presence was brought into the world.

Childhood was different for Gabriel, he grew up needing to learn a different skill set then most children. The life of a star merchant is spent traveling from place to place with occasional flashes of intense danger.

His morning were spent learning in a class room with the small group of children that were on board. The Azure Star had a crew of about a hundred people and their families. The afternoons were spent with more hands on learning. Flying, shooting and tinkering in engineering were the primary hands on learning activities.

The day he turned sixteen the Captain hired him on the crew as a pilot, Gabe got his own room and pay and was more than ecstatic about being made a part of the crew and given his independence.

Five years passed, Gabe spent his time working on his skills. Always driving to become a better pilot and fighter. Learn something new about the latest technological breakthrough.

Gabe even found time for a girlfriend, who, when they both came of age, he made his wife. Her name was Raya and he was madly in love with her. They spent four passionate years together, conceived a son and seemed happy until Gabe wanted to uproot their lives.

He’d never gave thought about joining Starfleet until the dominion war broke out, but his brother, Kalin, had signed up for the service and was shipped out to the front to help fight in the war because of the experience he had on board the Azure star. Kalin was a year younger then Gabriel and when he lost his life Gabe felt responsible.

Gabe made the decision to join the ranks of Starfleet as a fighter pilot, he wanted to use his skills in the most direct way possible. Raya disapproved greatly and the two of them parted ways on poor terms and he’s only had contact with her to see his son.

When Gabe enrolled he took all of the entrance exams and preformed well above standard, because of his experience he was given more tests and a great deal of his work on the Azure star granted him credits toward graduation. He needed only two years in the academy rather than the standard four.
Service Record 2368 – 2372 Merchant vessel Azure Star, Pilot and engineer
2372 – 2374 Starfleet Cadet
2374 – 2378 13th Carrier Space Wing, Fighter Pilot
2378 – 2380 13th Carrier Space Wing, Flight Commander
2380 – 2383 501st Fighter Wing, Squadron Exec
2383 – 2385 501st Fighter Wing, Squadron Commander
2385 – 2388 707th Carrier Space Wing, Wing Commander
2388 – 2390 707th Carrier Space Wing, Chief of the Air Group
2390 – Present 903rd Carrier Space Wing, Chief of the Air Group